Tuesday, April 3, 2007

V/A:Weemoed Met Verbrand Konijn,tape,2003,Belgium

Rare cassette comp from Belgian label Imvated featuring unreleased tracks from free-folk superstars such as Christina Carter (Charalambides), Fursaxa & Kemialliset Ystavat. Sound quality varies, as some of these tracks sound like they were recorded in basements, attics or perhaps hollowed out tree stumps, but the music is stellar as always!
01-Origami Arktika - Untitled

02-Karina Esp - Untitled

03-Tore Honore Boe - Untitled

04-Erneste Diaz-Infante - Untitled

05-Kemialliset Ystavat - Untitled

06-Kollen - Untitled

07-Circle Brothers - Untitled

08-Pekko Kappi - Untitled

09-Fursaxa - Untitled

10-Small Life Form - Untitled

11-The Soft Cushions - Untitled

12-Maniacs Dream - Untitled

13-Rose for Bohdan - Untitled

14-Moysk - Untitled

15-Pardons - Untitled

16-Christina Carter - Untitled

17-The Magic Folk from the Faraway Tree - Untitled
Limited to 100 copies and long deleted!
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Ellaguru said...

thanx for the blitzoids and other stuffs!
cheers from italy

Theo said...

thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

bravo for all thoze great zoundz
but i can't find the MINMAL MAN stuff!?!
maybe you could help me?
maybe i could find some info on THE MODERN ART...
thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Mutantsounds-
Wonder selections, as always. Some time ago you promised "Joysound - Friendsong" soon. Any chance it will appear .. umm... soon?


mutantsounds said...

i know i promised Joyride -Friendsound,but in the meanwhile it appeared in Direct Waves(or possibly another blog)....it's a bad idea i think to post records recently appeared in other blogs,especially friendly ones