Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Lovely, languid French jazzy prog strongly indebted to the post-Gong school prominent in French prog circles at the time, an aspect of their sound that was not so evident on their more polished second album posted here by Mr. MS back in January.

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Anonymous said...

Jean-Pierre VIVANTE now runs a very interesting concert place in Paris, France, names LE TRITON, devoted to jazz and progressive musics.


Anonymous said...

Hi and thankx for all the magnificent posts.

Unfortunately the link from the
TAIRIKUOTOKO VS SANMYAKUONNA-VIVA YOUNG FLORIDA post actually leads to the NEKROPOLIS LIVE 79 fILES from Tuesday, April 10, 2007.


aceofspace said...

i'm very interesting by this post that i don't know...
thanxs a lot

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
Thanks for this, amazing album!!!

house303 said...

Still active and quite nice...


Anonymous said...

hello there mutants

i'm having quite a bit of trouble accessing this at rapidshare, i'm getting the same error message at every attempt saying the download slots are all full, been going on for about a week periodically now and about two weeks ago too, meanwhile i've had a couple of other things through rapidshare, while i sometimes experience problems with rapidshare it's never the same error message time and again, all in all this is a pretty long winded way of asking if you could re-up this absolutely impossible to find album as i enjoy their second a great deal and would really like to hear this too, you're help would be greatly appreciated, cheers

dr zoots

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaah brilliant, thankyou

keep up the great work