Sunday, December 9, 2007

IOSS-Junkie On Hiss Snag,1989+Yes Yes Oh Yes,1986,tapes,Netherlands

Ios Smolders (Deurne, The Netherlands, October 20th, 1960)-or IOSS or Jos Smolders- studied architecture at the Delft Technical University but quit and continued the musical tape experiments of his childhood. He started musicological studies of electronic and recorded music, was six years co-editor of Vital Magazine. Active in the underground electronic scene, founding member of the renowned Dutch electroacoustic ensemble THU20, he released his own music on cassette, LP and CD. He now works as a sound designer and composer in Tilburg (The Netherlands).These are 2 of his very first tapes released by Midas tapes label in limited edition of 50-100 copies.The 2 pic sleeve variations of each tape are the ones of the 2 different Midas editions.Excellent experimental/industrial/musique concrete soundcollages all through.Possibly Netherlands's answer to DDAA?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing stuff you have posted.

A request: do you have the album "Tokyo GA" by the French band Dick Tracy?

Anonymous said...

It was most certainly not an answer to DDAA. I did not know their music, only heard of their name. BTW: there is another blog that posted another of my releases some time ago:
There will be a public presentation of MAMA in Malmö, Sweden on January 20, 2008.

Alex B said...

This is not music, to use the word to call Ioss is ofensive, maybe something like RES ( radical experiments with sounds)? How about? Very, very strange and exciting. If you "normal" works with sounds, stay away.

Anonymous said...

could you reupload it please