Monday, March 10, 2008


Following Jim's posts of these anarchic krautrock political agitators' collaborations with Kollektiv Rote Rube and Bruhwarm, here's their second proper missive, their first one to follow shortly. Sinewy, surly and raspy (not to speak of rather patchy), Kein Macht Fur Niemand may hew toward more a basic rockist formulae than the stuff you'll usually find me flying a flag for, but listen closer (read: overlook the duff half of this) and you'll find a certain flinty rawboned charm to their teutonic truculence, one that glances off of their contemporaries in both Floh De Cologne and Eulenspygel, albeit minus the humor of the former and the progginess of the latter. These folks were flying the flag of revolution with fierce conviction (consorting with the R.A.F., no less) and the hot and bothered passions of this mob are palpably coursing through these tunes.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting introduction, but I am surprised, because:
This is THE quintessential German album of all time. Every single mildly politically interested 16-year old knows the tunes by heart. And every person under 50 still into a romantic ideal of socialism WILL sing along as well!

Kevin said...

Glad to see some more NWWW list stuff surfacing here. When I first started checking you guys out, it was the NWW stuff that captured my attention. Thanks for all you do here to keep us all educated about obscure music.

Best, Kevin

Anonymous said...

awsome choice. thank you for posting this.

Nawel said...

"And every person under 50 still into a romantic ideal of socialism WILL sing along as well!"

TRUE. I first heard about this band because of such a person.