Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michel Zacha-Inutile (Promesses D'atlantides Vol.3),LP,1977,France

Unbelievable French record by Michel Zacha(his 3rd). With a crew consisting of JP Alarcen,A. Ceccarelli,B. Lubat and CL. Engel amongst others,his music is an excellent mix of French pop/ballad folkish music combined with complex,strange, compositions.What else did you expect with such line up!
get it here


Anonymous said...

Some great stuff here, as usual. This one, in particular, seems interesting. I tried downloading it a few times and the file isn't the usual rar file. My computer couldn't identify what it is.

Can you either re-up it or identify the type of file?

Thanks for all of the great music.


fpunk said...

Just type rar at the end of the downloaded file. Then open it in the same way you would do any other file and songs

Anonymous said...

Thanks. That worked.