Monday, October 27, 2008

Irsol - First Contact+Half Life,tapes,1983,UK

Here 's an early 80s top notch recording in the electronic/exdperimental minimal synth field. Irsol have released those 2 tapes in the Adventures In Reality label . Minimal experimental electronics , like a strange mixture of Snowy Red early recordings with late 70s Cabaret Voltaire,Thomas Leer and the more popish Nocturnal Emissions recordings.The sound is sometimes dark and harsh (in the DOA/20 Jazz Funk era TG vein) and in some parts closer to synth pop in UV Pop/Snowy Red vein.
get them here and here
PS: This post is especially for my friend TAX .I know he looks for them years now!


n-rich said...

Fantastic! I love the IRSOL material, but only had First Contact until now. IRSOL was a recording project of Ashley Niblock of Attrition and some mates, back when he lived in Coventry. Ash left IRSOL and Attrition when he went to university in London.

soundhead said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all these UK-electronic casettes - brilliant stuff!


kang RABBIT said...

You just made my day... I work over nights and I will be jamming this all night. This blog is a goldmine.


GenericPlacebo said...

I used to dream of making musicks. This is the musicks i dreamt about at around this date. You are an excellent professor, or is that facillitator?

thnks again and again.

Anonymous said...

another gem , this such a great site ! cheers many times over