Sunday, September 6, 2009


Deliberately awkward art brut nuttiness with an equally awkward moniker (Janet Smith is the band, not an individual) issued on the Recommended Records-associated Review imprint and oweing a sizable debt to Ivor Cutler, but realized with the inspired ungainliness of a lobotomized David Thomas covering Barnes & Barnes' Fishheads or Wildman Fisher emulating Robert Wyatt, all undergirded by whimsical little Comelade-like themes for xylophone, organ, sax, clarinet and electric piano.

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Unknown said...

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Hello there ...

Sorry to leave a comment here under this album, but I couldn't seem to find a direct link or email address for contacting you. I've already perused your blogspot and have to commend you on you wide selection of material that you've made available to those of us out here in the cyber ether of the Internet to download for our enjoyment. (Pardon the run-on sentence).

I've gone ahead and downloaded the PGR albums / material that you've listed here, however, I am REALLY looking for the following (in order of importance to me):

01. PGR - "The Morning Book of Serpents" (1995)


02. PGR - "A Hole of Unknown Depth" (1995 / 1996)


03. PGR - "The Chemical Bride" (1992)


Thanks again for your FANTASTIC blog!

Best wishes,


EMAIL: august242 [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

Tad Sonic said...

yeah great stuff

i like it

hier gibts ein gratis album zum download von dem größten noise/pop/shit/acoustic/lovely natural music typen

free album at:

tad sonic. because i love cakes

Anonymous said...

NO relation to Colin Newman, by the way

Anonymous said...

Great blog and thanks for bringing back so many memories! Are you still looking for more material by "Gee Mr Tracy"?

If so, I can let you have the "Harmony, Rhapsody..." LP in high quality.

I was a fan for years and saw Brick and Vince live several times, once with The Cardiacs!

Not sure about the best way to contact you as I can't find a contact link and I'm reluctant to post my email address!

Keep up the good work.

All the best,


vdoandsound said...

Chris-I would LOVE to receive/be able to share this other Gee Mr. Tracy LP! If you could please upload it
(I usually encode at 256 kbps, FWIW) and send the link to, that'd be fantastic. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I second Eric's request. Back when this Mutant blog first started, circa March 2007, I distinctly remember downloading a Gee Mr Tracy LP which, if memory serves correct, was posted by Jim. And I remember really, REALLY enjoying it. Don't have it on my hard drive any longer, but I know I have it backed up on a CDR somewhere. Thanks so much if you can do this, Chris.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable. I saw Chris Newman in Wuerzburg,Germany, at about the time of the release of this album. The song "my wife is french" never left my head, although I never heard any recordde material of theirs. And now, 24 years later, I can hear it a second time. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was very entertaining!

ripnsarani said...

I had this album for many years in a tape. Is just great to find it here in better conditions than mine. hurrah

Anonymous said...

I'll record and encode the Gee Mr Tracy album this afternoon. I usually encode at 320kbps, so up to you how you present it. I'll mail you later Eric. Cheers :O)


anton tornister said...

I can offer the following stuff for this blog:

an older Chris Newman - release from 1983, released by "Theater am Turm Frankfurt": "Trackways made by two dinosaurs, probably Megalosaurus". It's REALLY weird, absolutely fantastic stuff, there is a different (much more enthusiastic version) of "my wife is french" on it. the rest is all about dinosaurs ...

2. a newer one from 1997: "new songs of social conscience/six sick songs/london", recorded live at podewil, berlin (solo piano+voice).

let me know. best, ansgar.

vdoandsound said...

Ansgar-Wonderful! My copy of Trackways isn't in share-able condition, with nasty scratches on it, so it'll be great to be able to share this one. It's maybe even better than the one that I posted! Please send an upload link for it to and I'll happily credit you for it in the post.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to warn anyone of something in case it is more than just me. I have tracked a virus or something to the site blogtoplist when trying to get to this site. Coincidentally every time I have went through that site to get here, moments later there is something in my computer that shuts it down about one minute of being on. Maybe it is just mine, but I think a word of caution is best..

Anonymous said...

Anon-I recommend using Firefox if you're worried about viruses. Firefox is probably the most secure browser on the market (in addition to Safari). For more security, use the No Script add-on for Firefox. I would not use IE for anything other than Windows Updates (this is, of course, assuming you are a Windows user).

Anonymous said...

FireFox I have always had more trouble useing than it was worth. This was the past though, so perhaps it has gotten better. And, I would really like to hear the other Gee Mr.Tracy album myself,and maybe even those singles someone mentioned long ago.

Anonymous said...

I sent the Gee Mr Tracy album to Eric a couple of days ago, so he'll probably post it soon.

Cheers lads


Anonymous said...

Most obliged to all :D

Music For Glaciers said...

This is really good stuff. It reminds me a bit of Tiger Lilys, but errm...different.
I especially got a kick out of "Broken Promises".
Sounds like the cuisine on danish railways...

Anonymous said...

Ciao a tutti!!!
I'm searching these albums:
Astre - Foresight
Mac Arthur - Mac Arthur II
Edhels - Oriental Christmas
Tonic - This way
Ice - Saga of the ice king
Sunscape - Sunscape
Fancyfluid - King's journey
New Age - Neptuned
Odessa - Stazione Getsemani
Thanks unlimeted to all

GRK. said...

Just downloaded this at Nick Hennies' recommendation. Thanks!