Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here's another winning round of phantom molecular flows, radiator hums, shortwave transmissions and subatomic sandblasting courtesy of Finland's Jani Hirvonen. This instantly deleted 3" CDR, while corralling his concerns with the organically abstracted into a smaller pen than the epically expansive Ground's Dream Cosmic Love from three years later (and which I shared back in July of last year), is still a wonderfully evocative and heavy lidded waking dream of an album.

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Note: as is the case with four of my five other posts today, both my usual megaupload and my fall-back Sharebee were dysfunctional when attempting to up the secondary links for these particular albums, so in this *one instance* I've opted to use Mediafire instead. Don't mistake this as a continued willingness to do so, as I've been burned by their file deletions in the past...


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What can i say,your posts are fantastic and the blog keeps rising over and over !!!
Super Thanks.

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