Saturday, December 22, 2012


Carrying on with shares from our own back catalog, this 10" was our contribution to the Lactamase series of 10" vinyls on Beta-Lactam Ring and captures the same extended line-up of VDO heard on some of our more overtly kosmiche-directed efforts of the time like Zyzzybaloubah and Quicksand, with Doug Ferguson (Yeti/Ohm), David Fargason (Liquid Sound Company), Jim Edgerton (Burnin' Rain, Fish Eye Lens) and saxophonist Scott Lindsay all present for these sessions.

There's a particular patina to these recordings, a darkly queered and melancholic atmosphere specific to only this recording of ours. The PR for this release at the time it came out was name-checking Bowie/Eno instrumentals, Goblin and Van Der Graaf Generator and that still seems apt enough on some level, though it's all been filter-fucked and structurally skewed as per VDO's usual peccadillos.

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fuzztunnel said...

Thanks for this! One of my very favorites.
(Will VDO+C's "Suspension" ever make an appearance here?)

Exeter said...

Thanks for sharing!
Happy Holidaze!

vdoandsound said...

fuzztunnel-thanks and yes, Suspension will eventually find its way to Mutant.

MeaComm said...


splash said...

Looking forward to hearing more
educational sounds.

Thank you for all of your
time and work on my musical

I'm in Atlanta and It was a balmy
72 degrees today - might be tough on the farmers without a real winter.

I am hoping that your divshare problems have improved.



Unknown said...

Side B is one of my favorite VDO tracks ever. Looking forward to the new releases.

Sheun said...

This Is by far my Fav thing VDO Has Done ! Love it

Adjacy said...

It's the the BEST blog of real music around world !!
Congratulatios for all wonderful post !
Adjacy (from Brazil)

thanon said...

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