Tuesday, January 15, 2013


With several members of fringe avant prog maestros Hellebore, Szentendre and Mick Hobbs' archly nutty Officer! present in its lineup, it's obvious this one's gonna be something pretty jake. And indeed, on the terms it sets for itself, this sole outing of theirs (barring their appearance on the Douze Pour Un Vol. 2 compilation LP) is a definite smoker if more formally avant prog qua avant prog then those previously cited groups in their attack. At its finest moments, their blithely odd angle of approach here swans around similar terrain to that mapped by Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper's work with David Thomas on More Places Forever.  Mostly though, like their fellow French underground scene travelers at the time in Virgule 4 and Les I, Neo Museum operated under the substantial shadow cast by iconic R.I.O. avant prog mavens Etron Fou Leloublan and the angular irregularity of their all-knees-and-elbows art rock antics sits right at the surface of Neo Museum's work, though Neo Museum's approach is less delicately reflective and woodily thrumming then Virgule 4's and and less boisterously antic then Les I.

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Anonymous said...

MediaFire mirror.

Anonymous said...

Thank so much for the post and link!!!

communist said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare says "this file is marked as illegal". Hmmm... not available legally as far as I know!
Thanks anyway...

Anonymous said...


maybe they can point me in the direction where i can buy a legal version then.

a quick search on google and amazon came up with nothing

dang forbidden fruit!

Tristan Stefan said...

wow, this is stunning stuff!! thanks for finding, and then sharing it!

Anonymous said...

A question about the last track - are all the vinyl jumps and noises near the end part of the actual recording, or is the rip faulty?
Great album, btw!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think I figured out what's up with the end of the last track... Just after 9 minutes is the real ending (according to track times given elsewhere), and what comes after that is some kind of mistake where the needle was put back down a few minutes earlier in the track. So, the rest of this mp3 until 1 minutes something is just a dodgy repeat of the last couple of mins that shouldn't actually be there, and for whatever reason sounds messed up. So, just delete that last bit and I believe you still have the full album. Problem solved!