Tuesday, April 2, 2013


No-Neck Blues Band member Pat Murano just offered up something very special as a follow-up to my post of NNCK's Furamingo Josei album. On his own, Pat's been  issuing a prolific stream of levitation and/or disintegration-inducing electronic work under the Decimus handle, with some nine LP's, 3 tapes and 2 CDR's to show for it so far. I enthused about this work in a piece I penned for Ad Hoc last year and so it's a particular pleasure to be able to offer not just an exclusive new Decimus recording but one that I think of as being among his best. Pat's musical activities have threaded though several different mystery schools over the years, from his longstanding parallel work in K Salvatore to current activity alongside Sightings' Mark Morgan in Key Of Shame and Digitalis head honcho Brad Rose in Safiyya, but Decimus is his primary conduit to convey his preternatural electronic vision. Across Templum's six sections, fragments of recondite rituals escape like opiated gas through tar pit bubbles and telekinetic surges of astral energies become ensnared in perilous gravitational pools. 

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!! What a great record.

Esteban (Tenedor) said...


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