Tuesday, September 8, 2015


For all of you who thought Mutant Sounds was a thing of the past, take heed! Mutant has reconfigured itself and will now be presented by Eric Lumbleau and Matt Castille of Vas Deferens Organization as a two hour broadcast on Dublab, occurring on the second Friday of each month, from 8-10 PM and debuting this Friday night. Thanks to all our long term supporters and welcome on board to one and all for phase 2 of this adventure. For those so inclined, a new Vas Deferens Organization video from our forthcoming album "Gag Reflex" can be found here


Bence said...

Yes Yes Yes! Can't wait for the show!
Very happy to see you back!



fuzztunnel said...


the saucer people said...

Mutant Sounds 2.0 is what we have all been waiting for! This news is going to make a lot of Mutoids very happy, myself included. Can't wait for the first show, I just know this radio show is going to be very special indeed.

Best of luck for Friday, guys and I hope it goes well - I'm sure this news is going to spread like wildfire in the world of music blogging.

assassing said...

miss you so much

the saucer people said...

Hi guys - Hope the radio show went well!

I'm from the UK which meant 6:00am wasn't the most conducive time to hear the show, so for your non-American global audience, have you any idea when an archive of the show is going to go up on Dublab? I keep checking their website but so far no luck (unless I'm looking in the wrong place of course).

If it takes a long time, perhaps some kind US Mutoid will start to archive it earlier on something like You Tube or Soundcloud, though I appreciate there may be 'copyright' or license issues with the radio station so perhaps it's not feasible - I am just so looking forward to hearing it and I am sure as word spreads, there will be many more non-American listeners hoping to hear the show soon after broadcast.

vdoandsound said...

saucer people - first, thanks for all the kind words. Our DJ page containing the archive should go up soon, under the section "resident DJ's"

Bernard Grancher said...

Hello Eric !

I hope to hear it very soon !!!!!

And... (message personnel) could you check your spams ?


Jim P. said...

Hey, good to see you back. Always checked in on this blog, finally got around it to this month and see you posted on my 36th birthday! Thanks for the gift haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, have been digesting so much of your fantastic uploads for a long time now, I am also doing a weekly radio show in Australia, in Byron bay on Bayfm
http://bayfm.org/programs/young-and-old-music/2015-09-07 is my show page.
Originally from NZ I have been playing a fair bit of KIwi stuff, maybe not as much aussie music as I should. Have been doing since May this year but will be stopping end of the winter period due to full time dad commitments, so thank you thank you for heaps of education!
I will listen asap

Roddus said...

Woohoo. just listened to your broadcast and it was awesome. Was all that music you played represented on this Blog? I miss being able to download and sample the massive amount of music here. So looking forward to hearing furure broadcasts.

Ober Mannkind said...

boom, circled the system's star,...
...still enjoying all the heat, dude!
thanks again

Anonymous said...

mutant-sounds has already introduced me to SO much music I love. Music I listened to this very day, before coming across this great news. Thank you to all involved!

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Fred G. Sanford said...

Looking at Dublab site now.
It looks like you are still on the air (or on the stream, as it were).
nov 10 6-8 pm. I may be traveling atthat time so will look for some archiving.
I had listened to Dublab years ago, & must have done some downloading since the CDRs are here in one of my boxes..
So I guess I am 4 years too late in welcoming you back,
but sincerely nonetheless.

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