Monday, March 12, 2007

IKE REIKO-Kokotsu No Sekai,LP,1971,Japan

(the poster that accompanied the original LP issue)
One of Japan's rarest erotic artifacts in stunning condition – best copy that will ever cross your path. Unbelievable, here you have the HOLY GRAIL of Japanese Iroke gems, copies just never turn up – until now. Rare does not even come remotely close to describe the scarcity of this disc, the most depraved erotic and sexiest disc ever to have been put down on wax. In 1971, the same year as her big screen debut, Ike recorded the album Kôkotsu no Sekai for Teichiku Records. In spite of her tender years (having just turned 17), she single-handedly transformed the album's conventional track list of covers and kayôkyoku melodies into an unprecedented maelstrom of eroticism and sexual depravity. Ike's vocals breathe with an astonishing naturalness, dripping honeyed and golden-tongued into the ears with angelic ease. Her erotic presence flutters across a multitude of erogenous non-verbal modes - moaning and uttered shrieks of ecstatic pleasure, sibilating suffocated whispers of excitement, and grunting and growling like a bitch in heat. When Ike does sing, it is in a subdued, husky voice about sex, submissive love and seduction. Although all the songs are cover versions, Ike confines herself to whispering but a small part of the original lyrics, spending the remainder on guttural erotic incantations backed by the desolate sound of a cheesy organ and a muffled yet ecstatic mellifluous vocal sound that is reminiscent of the 13th Floor Elevators' Tommy Hall breathing down a jug. The entire recording is suffused with a unique atmosphere, a ripe and heady Japanese eroticism now sadly overwhelmed by the intrusive and infelicitous import of cheap Westernized thrills and assorted uneuphonious cultural junk. Nevertheless, Kôkotsu no Sekai launched Ike as the nightingale of the “pink new wave”.
If we were doubted that the previous was Japanese psych porn ,this is 100% psychedelic porn music,yet very beautiful!
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Anonymous said...

It's Japanese, it's hyped to the heavens, it must be Tiliqua!

Mystery Poster said...

Also available here:

& Friends (who posted it) does not seem to care about others posting same items and will likely thank you for the other one by her, as I do.

Cheers mutant,


Anonymous said...

Ah, trying to boost your ratings by showing a little skin, eh mutantsounds? ;)

Thanks for a great blog!

mutantsounds said...

just a co-incident Mr.Mystery Poster...if you want i can remove this post

Mystery Poster said...

That is not necessary, "& Friends" is who posted it, not Mystery Poster, and that one does not mind the duplication.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a mechagodzillion for these pinky pearls but does anyone one know if this is the same as "Ike Reiko No Miryoku", which was recently rereleased as a bonus cd on this dvd set:
- it is referenced as a cassette-only release.

Bassta! Pex, a.k.a. Gramofonije Plocanovic said...

Ike Reiko No Miryoku was transferred from a cassette, that's why there's so much background hiss. it has a bonus single, as well as some weird "mix".
"Kokotu No Sekai" was of the master tapes - Tiliqua rules!!! check out the other titles on the label, but I think most of them are sold out.

Anonymous said...

the bonus CD is same as this album, plus
2 tracks of EP and 1 remix track by acid mother temple, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I have the Pinky Violence Collection. From a quick comparison: the Pinky Violence CD seems to contain all of the tracks from this LP release, but the Pinky Violence CD has the tracks in a different order and contains three additional songs not included on the LP.

When I purchased the DVD set, I did some Internet searching to find out if the bonus CD was in fact this album. I wasn't able to find any conclusive proof ... so I want to express my thanks to Mutant Sounds for helping me clear up this little mystery!

Anonymous said...

Track Listing:

01. Women Cannot Endure It
02. You Can Be the Twilight
03. Giddiness
04. After the Rain Stops
05. Scat Dawn
06. Wandering Guitar
07. I Am a Woman
08. Rainy Day Blues
09. Love Slave
10. Experience
11. Not an Angel
12. Bond of Love

the saucer people said...

As it was Mutant Sounds who first turned me onto the sleazy delights of Reiko Ike (or Ike Reiko, no-one seems to know which way around it should be), when I came across a FLAC rip of the Tiliqua Records CD reissue "Kokotsu No Sekai (The Ecstatic World Of Ike Reiko)", I immediately thought of you guys!

Both file host sites seem to work.

I did come across a 192 rip of The Pinky Violence Collection audio CD called "Reiko Ike - No Miryoku (Reiko Ike Sings)" and the other posters are right, this seems to have come from either an LP or tape owned by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple fame who remastered it for the Pinky Violence collection CD and the three extra tracks are:

13 Henshin(2:43)
14 Onna No Akai Chi Ga Sawagu(2:57)
15 Midnight Whisper In A Curved Air(4:52)

So from the information given by a previous poster, the tracks 'Henshin' and 'Onna No Akai Chi Ga Sawagu' come from a separate single by Reiko Ike and the last track "Midnight Whisper In A Curved Air" though named as a Reiko Ike track is infact a creation by Kawabata Makoto who seems to have used samples of other tracks on the album to create it (though I may be totally wrong about this!)

As for sound quality, I think the poster who said that the Tiliqua Records version came from the master tape wheras the Pinky Violence came from a tape/lp copy owned by Kawabata Makoto is probably right.

If anyone wants the three extra tracks from the Pinky Violence issue then I am happy to post them though be warned, they are only in 192...or even better, if the person who posted mentioning he owns the actual CD could rip the three tracks in 320/FLAC we would all have a definitive high quality version of both releases!

This has got me in the mood for some Pinky Violence! I think I am ready for some "Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom" quality time!;)

Anonymous said...

The LP is really not all that rare...

Anonymous said...

if so, then find me one and sell it to there is a challenge for you.....doubt you will be able to come up with the goods though.....

Anonymous said... for the repress

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