Friday, March 23, 2007

V/A:A Cage Went in Search of a Bird,2xTape,1985,UK

Very important tape compilation of electronic /experimental music.Originally issued as a 2 cassette set:
A - melodic synth and cosmic music,
B - experimental synths and electronics,
C - new-wave underground,
D - avant-garde and industrial.
Tracklist as shown on the pic above.

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Anonymous said...

Ah I remember buying this one simply because it had a Paul Kelday track I didn't have. Some PK specific albums would be very welcome!

Anonymous said...

re cage looking for bird: whoah, I think I've just soiled myself!...this looks fantastic, can't wait till d/load this one!

Over The Moon said...

Regarding: A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird

Even if you have this on CDR (as I do), you should download all three parts offered by Mutant Sounds.

Why? Because the CDR version only contains 11 out of the original 23 tracks (not even half the cassette!).

The CDR only has the 11 tracks that Auricle still has the license for. Mutant Sounds, on the other hand, gives you all 23 tracks!


djh said...

Thanks for this. I've a copy sat on top of some cd shelving. I long ago got rid of my cassette deck, didn't know about the cd-r (part) re-issue so its a long time since I had the chance to hear it. Bought as one of my first purchases from the Freeman Bros in Leicester. I wanted to find out more about "the scene" but didn't have much cash to splash so ended up with a second hand copy of this which cost me the princely sum of £5.00!
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

cage in search of bird is without doubt (well personally speaking) one of the best compilations I've heard in a long time..."all killer no filler" Every track is awesome, only know a handful of the artists on this... but any of the other artists work featured on this comp would be greatly appreciated!

keep on mutating!

Anonymous said...

I like when I look at your site counter, and I'm the only one online right now on ALL the internets...rifling through this great collection mutant sounds curates.

You've broadened my horizons by leaps and bounds. Thanks for doing what you do.

Exeter said...

I'll be darned! Here is ANOTHER K7 comp that has been sitting on my shelves all these years and now it is on my computer!
You are the best!

Punkt said...

Is there any chance of reposting this? Looks really great and seems unavailable elsewhere. Thanks!