Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stone Breath - Songs of Moonlight and Rain ,CD,1997,Australia

On this release Stone Breath features Timothy and Aliseon from MD psychedelicists Mourning Cloak in a more spectral acoustic vein. Following on from the critically acclaimed Mourning Cloak CD "In Dreams You See", "Songs of Moonlight and Rain" establishes an acid-folk thread somewhere between the occult realms of Current 93, and the mantra-strum of Japanese legends Ghost, and is in the same zone as some of the more haunted moments of Alastair Galbraith's "Morse" and "Talisman" albums. Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, penny whistles, zitherlin, chimes, tibetian bells, hand drums and many other instruments are used to infuse songs like "Perched upon the Temple Bell, the Butterfly Sleeps", "Words Written on Petals" and "To Cull Undying Flowers" with a unique poetic force that lives up to their fantastic titles. The atmosphere of this release will stay with the listener like the reverberation of water droplets in the stone cistern of a Japanese water chime.
"Songs of Moonlight and Rain" is packaged in a tri-fold textured card wallet and includes a eight page illustrated lyric booklet, all illustrated in Timothy's finest mind-altering style.
Instruments played on this record:
Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, yule bells, whistles, chimes, harp, bowed zither, tambourine, windchimes, tarka, tibetian bells, water, blackbirds, kalimba, sitar, screech owl, sword, sheet metal and drum.

Great dark/weird darkness deep wood folk compined with acoustic experimentalism, LP ,long out of print.
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Anonymous said...

Great album, I love Tim Renners work!
Cheers!! - SCM

zosa said...

This is Great! Thanks for the introduction to this band. I would love to hear more from Stone Breath, Mourning Cloak or any of the Dark Holler - Hand/Eye material ...Thanks again!