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By turns burnt, hermetic, nihilistic, autistic and claustrophobic, this gigantic cross section of Kawabata's early doings (originally self released in an edition of 100, 4 subsequently reissued on vinyl by Qbico) really alters the "read" on his place in the lineage of maverick Japanese underground music innovators of the late 70's/early 80's. A disc by disc assessment would be a huge undertaking. Rather, I'll simply state that to these set of ears, barring a move here and there, the crucial "meat" in Kawabata's canon (at least in terms of creating precedent-free work) is tucked away in the recesses of these 10 discs. The contents are as follows:

Disc one: Dark Revolution Collective-Dark Revolution
Disc Two: Kawabata Makoto-Psychedelic Noise Freak
Disc Three: Baroque Bordello-1st Trip
Disc Four: Baroque Bordello-Ultra Trip Cat
Disc Five: Baroque Bordello-Abnormal Songs Vol. 1
Disc Six: Baroque Bordello-Kaiten, Love And Punk Rock
Disc Seven: Baroque Bordello-(title in Japanese)
Disc Eight: Kawabata Makoto-4 Tunes
Disc Nine: Kawabata Makoto-Sunday Morning
Disc Ten: Baroque Bordello-(title in Japanese)

Get Early Works disc 1 Here

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Just beautiful... Many thanks, Mutant Lords.


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Absolutely freak out!

musicgnome said...

KAWABATA MAKOTO-EARLY WORKS 1978-1981, 10xCDR SET, 2000, JAPAN......This is another Off-the-charts-no-way-I-can-express-how-happy-I-am share.


Cellar said...

Wow, Now this should serve as a nice introduction!

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Never thought I'd be able to get my hands on this, thank you very much. Far be it for me to complain but you guys are uploading so much interesting stuff of late its hard to keep up and now I've got to find room for another 10 discs in what I laughingly refer to as my schedule. And the man expects me to work as well...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you! Just have to say this a phenomenal blog. Qbico Records reissued the 1st 5 of these on vinyl, hopefully they'll put the rest out as well.

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Anyone else having problems with disc 5? It's empty and/or corrupted to the point that nothing is in it.

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Wow!!!! The love I feel for you is truly unmeasurable.
Your web site has given me new hope for this planet we live on! Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for these. Nice to keep out of print stuff available, keep up the good work -


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Mutant Sounds: Best Blog Around.

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anonymous-must have been a temporary hiccup in rapidshare's system. They're all functional now...

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tried again and i get a "download session has expired" message after the countdown finishes :-( downloaded a few of the other Kawabata/AMT links from Rapidshare fine

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anonymous-Your problem has nothing to do with the links themselves. I just downloaded a few of these to test them and they work fine, but then, I have a paid rapidshare account. I'd try shutting down and re-starting your computer and trying again. Not sure what else I can offer, as the links themselves are no different than any other functional rapidshare links.

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Ok! Thanks for looking into it. Guess it must be something to do with my ISP or not having a premium account.
Great site with some wonderful links!

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thank you so much for this. KAWABATA MAKOTO, SPEED GURU!!! this is holy music.

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Thanks for the Kawabata Makoto! Love your blog!!


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More informations about tracklist :


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