Friday, March 30, 2007


Following up on my post of Video-Aventures, here's Dominique Grimaud's pre-V.-A. freak out outfit Camizole. One of the many anarchistic satirical improvisational action units that formed in the turbulent aftermath of the May '68 uprisings (see also Red Noise, Mahogany Brain, Barricade, in their case, it would be the combined influence of Julian Beck's confrontational Living Theater and the piss-taking post-Zappa dada improv rock of Red Noise that would direct their work toward such unruly ends. This eponymous archival CD (they never released anything in their lifetime) was recorded at at French music festival circa 1977 toward the end of their days. I won't even pretend that this is of the same godly caliber as what Grimaud was shortly to get up to with Video-Aventures but it's still a fascinating window into a disappeared Cornell-box universe of idiosyncratic real time sonic assembly. Note: this lengthy CD has been divided into two parts.

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