Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rocky's Filj-Storie di uomini e non ,LP,1973,Italy,NWW list

A band of very good musicians from Parma, Rocky's Filj (from their leader Rocky Rossi's name) gained a contract with Ricordi after a positive tour with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, and the album was produced by Sandro Colombini, who had worked with Banco in their first albums.
The album is jazz-rock oriented, but all the tracks have vocals, and Rocky's voice is very original even if not great. Instrumental parts are very well made, all the band members could professionally play various instruments and the album is always very enjoyable. The long opening track, L'ultima spiaggia, with dramatic vocals and long guitar and sax solo parts is a fine example of their music.
A band that deserved more consideration, Rocky's Filj broke up soon after the album was recorded, as one of them was jailed, reappearing in 1979 with a commercial single recorded with help from former Acqua Fragile Pier Emilio Canavera and (probably) Franz Dondi.Rocky Rossi sadly died in 1985 in a car accident.Drummer Colasante is probably the same which appears (with the name Roby) in the records by Delta Blues Band, in 1979, and the funky-disco Midnight Band in 1980.Guitarist Roby Grablovitz has kept playing in Northern Italy with a 70's cover band, and has released a solo CD in 2005, entitled Speranze d'artista (Acid Studio RG001).


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