Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bernard Bonnier - Casse-tête,LP,1984,Canada

Great electroacoustic/music concrete Lp.Very rare these days.
Note: link removed as this has now been reissued on CD.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this Bernard Bonnier album. I downloaded it quite a while ago but only just got around to listening to it and burning a copy. Wicked whacked-out stuff!
Any idea of the track titles?

Anonymous said...

Who did give you the authorization to post for downlaod this album ? Do you know there is a Bernard Bonnier legacy foundation working to defend the rights of ths author. A Cd reissue of this Lp s in the work.
I think you may delete this one !


Anonymous said...

i heard about this album from this blog, but long after the link had been removed. searched high and low and couldn't find it again, so i bought it. it's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

You had to buy it!! What a drag. trackback said...

[...] The second track, “Une autre création du monde” was composed in 1982 in collaboration with Bernard Bonnier. This time, Ricard explored the new possibilities of electronic instrumentation though the use of tape machines, a vocoder and analog synthesizers. [...]