Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wapassou-Messe en ré mineur,LP,1976,France

Stately chamber music with prog instrumentation (violin, keyboard, guitar). No percussion of any kind, which probably contributes to the record's mesmerizingly steady pace. One of the singers sounds like Miss Piggy for a stretch towards the middle . I'm sure much thought went into the structure of this record, and I'm slowly getting the sense of it (I'm confoundingly dumb in the face of classical/Romantic/baroque musics... one of my - honestly, most people's - greatest musicological flaws); though for now, hypnotism and sterility win the day. In short: nothing transcendent (yet); great headphone album: one for the pharmaceuticals and the starry skies through the homemade moonroof in your friend's van.

Following the previous post here is their 2nd LP.

Get it here

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Anonymous said...

Ok ... just a couple things to say about this post. Firstly thank you very much for it and secondly ... this album is f!*king AMAZING!! A true head trip!!

Once again Mr. Mutant, a many thanks, not just for this gem but for all of your wonderful work ... this of course goes to the other posters as well.