Friday, March 30, 2007

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda - A la Izquierda del Colibrí ,LP,1986,Mexico

Not unlike a Techno shaman, this Mexican artist eschews musical cliches in his deliberately elusive music. Using ancient instruments such as the clay whistle, shells, rattles, bamboo and the water drum, Jorge Reyes adds electronic textures to create a mythic pre-Columbian dreamscape. Sounds based on natural elements such as wind and rain enter like foreboding notices of the eternal, underpinning the unnerving percussion. Though mostly instrumental, the odd chant is employed to evoke the indigenous culture of the Americas from a time before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Much of his music may be classified as Ambient, but Reyes' jazz background shows in the sophisticated compositional structures.
Robert Leaver

Mexican Space Music at its best, with influences from Prehispanic music
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B.D. said...

Been lurking on your blog for some time, now. Love the posts. This one gets special mention because I love Reyes' work. Top shelf. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you have any other Reyes, they would be much appreciated! (But then, so is everything else you provide.)

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by the inclusion of Jorge Reyes and a few mexican bands, less appreciated in my country, but a cult bands worldwide. If you like Jorge Reyes and Progressive stuff, you must check out the first Jorge Reyes' band called "Chac Mool", specially their 1st album "Nadie en especial", remastered by universal music mexico with bonus tracks. And other cult band here is "Cabezas De Cera" very recommended.

My best regards from Mexico, and of course... awesome blog! thanks to you i've discovered new music, bands, styles. I hope to contribute with a few cd's and please let me know hot to upload the songs (

Cheers to everybody!

Unknown said...

I have not been able to locate a la izquierda del colibri album download anywhere. Any suggestions?