Sunday, March 25, 2007

Arrigo Barnabé-Clara Crocodilo,LP,1980,Brazil

Following vdoandsound 's post of 2 LPs by Arrigo Barnabe ,here comes his 1st LP.Weird Zappa-esque prog impro!

get it here

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Anonymous said...

CLASSIC denut LP from Arrigo Barnabé! This record came out just as Brazil's military dictatorship was crumbling and is cited as a major influence by many members of Brazil's modern counter culture. Barnabé helped launch the Vanguarda de São Paulo (São Paulo Vanguard) movement. His brother led the no-wave-esque Patife Band (for whom Arrigo contributed several tracks).

The original line-up that played on Clara Crocodilo reunited for a Vanguarda de São Paulo festival in 2004 where bands from three decades ago were paired up in concert with bands from the "Vanguarda Nova" (new vanguard, ranging from emo/math rockers Hurtmold to such misfit musicians Objeto Amarelo). Arrigo and crew played the songs from Clara Crocodilo to a tee much to the joy of São Paulo's young freaks and old heads who turned out en masse for the monumental event. Twas awesome.