Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rascal Reporters - Freaks Obscure MC (1980)&We´re God MC (1981),tapes,USA

The Rascal Reporters are: multi-instrumentalists Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer. They are joined by special guest Dave Newhouse (from the Muffins) on saxophones, clarinets and flutes.
This music is dynamic and exuberant, with fancifully nimble keyboards and devious percussive threads mixing with serious woodwinds and rascal horns. Complex and rapid keyboard runs cavort through melodies at breakneck velocity, while never stumbling or giving quarter. Electronics are employed to enhance this surging quality, bestowing a sparkling edge to the fervent melodies. The percussion has a distinct sense of humor as the rhythms veer into unexpected territories in the midst of driving tempos, leaving the audience bewildered but amused. Some guitar (electric and acoustic) can be found, but their appearances are fleeting and buried in the thick mix of the whole.

Sorry no pic sleeve scans...

get them here and here


Anonymous said...

cool! thanks

urania235 said...

Wow, you're posting some impossibly obscure stuff! Trying to locate these cassettes is next to impossible. Rascal Reporters were a strange group from Holly, Michigan - also the hometown of Sufjan Stevens. It's great that you're committing these to digital, so the music can have a life beyond what anybody may have ever expected.

Geoff said...

I just received word that the RR's Steve Gore passed away today. He was a sweet, sweet man, and a genius musician. May he finally find some peace.

Anonymous said...

All Rascal Reporters music is available from the band at

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