Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Torso Kurten - The Fraternity of Torture,tape,1985,UK(?)

Here's a realise from a friend of this blog,Jeff Stonehouse.I liked it very much ,hope you do too.Here's what Jeff writes about it:"Torso Kurten were actually myself and a guy called Peter Smith and thisalbum was composed using found sounds (discarded cassette tapes found at theroadside and household objects like plastic coathangers), random radionoise,and broken or failing electronics. It was recorded blind, one track ata time, on a four track portastudio. (ie - Peter would record onto one trackand then bring the portastudio to me, I would then record onto track twowithout listening to what was on track one and pass it back to Peter, and soon). We did this 2 times, once for each side of the album. 'Chickens at 23'was composed in a slightly more structured way, but using the same sort ofinstrumentation."....

get this gem here


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim!

Thanks for the vote of confidence.



Over The Moon said...

Jeff, you spilled the beans! Now we know that Mutant Sounds name is Jim! I always wondered and was curious, but didn't want to be rude by asking. Jim and Eric -- you guys rule!


Anonymous said...

Did I say 'Jim'?
I meant Dave, or was it John?
No wait, I think it's George but it could be Ted.

Or summink like that :)

mutantsounds said...

Only criminals and imposters have various names :)mine is Jim ...eeeerrr...hmmm...Mutantsounds ,of course:)

Anonymous said...

Haha wow, can't wait to hear this. Thanks.

GRK. said...

I'm enjoying all this mingle-mangling so far. Thanks!