Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Syntoma-NO ME PUEDO CONTROLAR ,LP,1984,Mexico

Very rare and obscure minimal synth LP from mexico,in early Cabaret Voltaire/DAF/Transparent Illusion vein!Highly recommented!Sorry no infos found in English .
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Over The Moon said...

The Syntoma LP is EXCELLENT! It's unlike anything I've ever heard before. Really weird, but really great! Thank you!


Over The Moon said...

I just found this out regarding the brilliant Syntoma LP:

It was released on Trópico Digital in 1983.

So I guess it's a 1983 release and not 1984. Trópico Digital must have been a REALLY OBSCURE Mexican label during the mid 1980s. I had never heard of it, to be honest.

Just wanted to pass along this info.

Thank you and keep up the great work here!


Anonymous said...

If you like this sound, you should check the spanish band 'aviador dro' in their early phase from 79-83. I truly believe they were an influence to this release and are a well known band in spanish speaking countries. Look at (english with sound samples) or (spanish). Aviador Dro shared members with 'Esplendor Geometrico' in their early days!

Anonymous said...

Great album, I actually own this one.

Can you get Syntoma's "Heloderma" EP? I heard it long time ago on tape, it more experimental than this one.

By the way, I have a CD by Size (another mexican new wave band that included members of Decibel) I can share it if you like.

Unknown said...

Syntoma !!!

Great I never buy this in "el chopo" and thanks you I cant listen again


Uabcool said...

Syntoma: Alex Ice & Drinks (synths, drum machine, guitar & vocals, Synthia Napalm (synth, vocals) & Bernardo Dix-fraz (synths).
They formed Syntoma in 1981.
1) Heloderma ep 1981
2) No me puedo controlar, lp 1983
3) Lost in Space, sg 1983 (two songs from their LP in english!).

They called their music "electropicalurbano" (roughly traslated as urban electro cumbia). Yeah, they did that in 1983.

I highly recomended you the "Backup. Expediente Tecno Pop 1980-89" cd (on At-At records label), a very cool compilation from mexican electronic bands from that era (Volti, Size, Silueta Pálida, Artefacto, Década Dos, Avant-garde, Vandana and more).

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