Thursday, March 22, 2007

Throbbing Gristle-Funeral in Berlin,LP,1981,Germany/UK

Here's another rare TG gem,recorded live in Berlin SO36 club in 1980.
get it here


Anonymous said...

Really different music here, great blog.
Thank you very much m8.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up - TG is always a must listen :-)

If you are interested, I am slowly uploading TG24 over at the SkaFunkRastaPunk forums. I'm not going nearly as fast as you guys, but you might want to link to them to save yourselves some time.

Keep up the good work !!!

mutantsounds said...

thanks rising runner,i have already ripped the hole boxset allong with scans,even instructions to create a same boxset...planning to post it here ...but since you already uploading it i won't...unless you permit me to do so

Anonymous said...

I've just obtained the 'Boutique' version of 23 Skidoo's 'The Culling is Coming' which contains a third performance from 1982 at Tielt in Belgium.



BTW What did you think of 'Torso Kurten'?

mutantsounds said...

Sure interested Jeff
Already told you i find Torso Kurten very interestin
all the best

Anonymous said...

I don't actually have the complete box-set, and (unfortunately) these are not my rips. So, definitely, upload your copies.