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Evil Edna's Horror Toilet - Too much Gristle in the Blancmange,tape,1986,UK

Here's another Ozric Tentacles offshot from 1986.Total psych/space weirdness.A real must!

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Wooden Baby-Forbidden Pastures(tape)+Stuck in the Mind Cage(tape),1988,UK

Merv Pepler - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Programming, Vocals
Charlie - Synthesizer, Clarinet, Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Wooden Baby were an obscure Ozrics related outfit based aroundMerv Pepler, in partnership with a mysterious figure calledCharlie, who released three lengthy cassettes of extremelystrange music. For some reason, a drum machine is usedthroughout all three tapes which impairs the quality of themusic and is inexplicable considering that Merv is as good apercussionist as there is.
Despite the relentless percussive patterns, Forbidden Pasturesis a pretty good release, opening with the exceedingly spacey"Gestation Of A Koala Bear". "The Sound Of One Hand" is theclosest that the music comes to the sound of The Ozrics with itsslow, pulsing bass, oriental flourishes and assortment ofbizarre sound effects. "The Eyes Of Tammuz" has a feel ofWebcore with its laid back clarinet and spacey keys while"Wading Gannets" is more laid back still and reminiscent of PinkFloyd and a drum machine; Merv does a fair impression of DaevidAllen on the guitar as well. Although Forbidden Pastures ispredominantly an instrumental tape, there are a number of vocalpieces as well - "Table Of Existence", "Wasp Feet", "Exorcism OfAnu" - and one of these, "A Warm Sponge" is very like seventiesHawkwind, but with an Ozrics-like interlude in the middle.
Stuck In The Mind Cage was no improvement upon its predecessor.The tape is given over more to vocal tracks and Merv is not muchof a vocalist (in actual fact, he sounds a bit like BorisOrooni). There are nevertheless a few good, spacey pieces hereand there - "The Birth Of Venus" which has some lovely slideguitar and "The Light From The Nebula". The stand out vocaltrack is the lengthy "The Cellar" which sounds like a trippierHawkwind with screamed vocals. "Pawns Of Nulla" is a slow, dubbypiece but unexceptional.
Both Ed Wynne and Joie Hinton contributed to the third tape,Embalment and it is by far the best Wooden Baby release. Thereis a feel of Hawkwind on "Impossible Maze" and of The Ozrics on"Immortal Souls" and "Astral Highways". "Ominous Omness" has afeel of eighties synth pop in its backing, although not in thegothic vocals or the deft violin playing. "Bath Scum"anticipates Eat Static with its ravey sound. A number of thepieces really are quite outstanding: "False World" is very weirdand trippy with a riff lifted from Pink Floyd's "Set TheControls For The Heart Of The Sun", and "Friday The 13th" is aslightly dark song with insistent synths and nice meanderingclarinet. The best track is the very lengthy closing piece,"Cocoon", a hard rocking instrumental with superb synth andguitar work.
Stuck In The Mind Cage and Forbidden Pastures were releasedtogether as part of Crohinga Well's Myths Of The Ghandarvaseries in a hand assembled case with booklets and inserts andlimited to 300 copies. -- Christopher Williams (from Adrift In The Ether)
Wooden Baby are a combo who have released a couple of tapes in1988. Ozrics drummer Merv Pepler and friend Charlie have createdForbidden Pastures and Stuck In The Mind Cage, two sound websthat follow a similar route to that followed by Nodens Ictus,but at a much more frantic pace. The tapes collect together avaried batch of synth dominated mindscapes that at times workand at others merely function. Heavy bass rhythms, drum machinesand washes of sound mix with undecipherable lyrical passages tobewilder, and enlighten. A new line-up of Wooden Baby has justbeen born consisting of Steve Everitt (synth), Joie (keyboards),Nick (bass) and Merv Pepler (percussion), and more willcertainly be heard from this band soon. -- Richard Allen (from Freakbeat Magazine, 1990)

Get Forbidden Pastures here and here.
Get Stuck in the Mind Cage here and here .

Chrysanthemums-Is That a Fish on Your Shoulder or are You Just Pleased to See Me?(LP,1986)+Another sacred day/mouth pain (1st 7",1987?),UK

Here's another Deep Freeze Mice/Alan Jenkins offshot.Great as always and very highly recommented!Psych /Pop wierdness at it's best!
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48 Cameras - B-Sides Are For Lovers ,LP,1985,Belgium

48 Cameras are known as an international & musical project of variable geometry (Belgium, Monaco & United Kingdom for now). Some of its members never met the others. During the past years, this co-operative of musicians & non musicians recorded 8 official albums & welcomed guests - mostly via Internet - coming from various countries, cultures & disciplines, guests as Rodolphe Burger, Sandy Dillon, DJ Olive, Michael Gira, Tom Heasley, Gerard Malanga, Charlemagne Palestine, Vesica Piscis, etc. This methodology has led to a kind of domino theory effect creating an ever increasing network of contributors & an ever evolving series of musical accidents. Some of its members also appeared on various side-projects. Thus, David Coulter & Jean Marie Mathoul recorded an album with Charlemagne Palestine & another one with Charlemagne Palestine & Michael Gira. More on the official website : where some of the albums are still available via PayPal. Check "pics" to have access to an illustrated discography. Please note that the complete titles of these 5 songs, taken from "After all, isn't tango the dance of the drunk man?" (2006), are "This river may spring to life again", "All stories are love stories are short stories", "Try to remember a similar day", "Nine independent doors open to Selmer Close" and "Terence Stamp for a time". Oh, please also note that we do not want "comments" or so but feel free to contact us via our website or via "MySpace / My Mail". As for the "adds", we choose to privilege close friends, collaborators, personal heroes, stateless artists, "starving angels" & some "beautiful & moody walkers" met "here, there & everywhere" by accident on MySpace. "Our music could be a music written in a foreign language that we would not intend to completely manage". Thank you !
"48 Cameras may wear bow ties but they contain espionage equipment. B-Sides are for lovers like velvet skin tight gloves conceiling razor blades. Electronic temptation without silly haircuts". in ZigZag 1985 (UK)

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Juicy Fruits-Drink!,LP,1980,Japan

Mor Japanese weirdness today!Very rare debout LP by this punk/weird pop Japanese group.Any help will be appreciated.
Wow!that was fast!Thanks to Hircou and the anonymous friend now we have both infos and sleeve scan!Thank you very much!

Members: Iria - Atsuko Okuno, Toshihiko Shibaya, Yuji Okiyama, Toshio Takagi

They made a debut with "Jenny Ha Gokigen Naname" based on Haruo Chikada & BEEF (Yutaka Shigeki formerly in Yoni-Bayashi was in the band while he moved out). Techno Kayo (To be accurate, it's Techno-arranged Group Sounds + Ventures Kayo ) concept was well accepted and they send techno pop which had not been for mass yet into the Japanese pop chart. "Koi No Benchseat" is a master piece though it was B-sided. The Bonchi (Kansai Comedy Duo) covered it and they built the foundation for Techno Kayou. At the same time, the momentum of techno pop as subculture started to decline since then. A hidden masterpiece album is "27-fun No Koi" that Seiji Toda supported as an arranger. In '83, they shifted and made hits covering Southern All Stars' Keisuke Kuwata works (Sonna Hiroshi Ni Damasarete). Yuji Okiyama whose glasses are cute during his time in Juicy also released a superb Eleki Kayou (like the Ventures) song called "Tokyo Kiken Yaro (Dangerous Guy)".

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Bernard Bonnier - Casse-tête,LP,1984,Canada

Great electroacoustic/music concrete Lp.Very rare these days.
Note: link removed as this has now been reissued on CD.

Black Swan Network - The Late Music vol.1,CD,1997,USA/Australia

The Black Swan Network is the experimental side project of The Olivia Tremor Control.
The Late Music is an 8 track, hour long ambient CD released by the Australian label Camera Obscura in 1997. It features contributions from Julian Koster (The Music Tapes and Neutral Milk Hotel) and Jeff Mangum (also Neutral Milk Hotel).
An EP was also released with The Olivia Tremor Control. Within some of these tracks are extracts from The Black Swan Network's dream appeal - taped contributions from people as to various dreams they've had or would like to have. Musical contributions come from Kirk Pleasant (from Calvin, Don't Jump!) and Roxanne Martin (fablefactory).
In January 2001, Happy Happy Birthday to Me records released a 7" single as part of their singles club.
Other projects involving Black Swan Network members:The Olivia Tremor Control, The Circulatory System, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't, Sunshine Fix, Frosted Ambassador .
From Elephant six web page

Camera Obscura is proud to bring you "The Late Music (Volume One)", a full-length CD of experimental/ambient tape manipulations by Olivia Tremor Control side-project Black Swan Network. In the unlikely case that you wondered what those strange interludes between the four-part harmony pop gems of OTC's "Dusk at Cubist Castle" would sound like developed into pieces in their own right, here is your chance to find out. "The Late Music" on conceptually from the two and four channel extravaganzas that can be found on the bonus disc of sound experiments shipped with early copies of the "Dusk at Cubist Castle" CD and also on OTC's "The Opera House" and "Jumping Fences" EPs.
Any attempts to describe the seven pieces that make up this release are bound to fall short of the mark, because this is not much like anything we have ever heard before. The sounds created for this release only occasionally give any kind of clue about what was used to create them. For one track, Elephant 6 collective member Eric Ledford contributes an oblique cello improvisation. For another, the voices of infants laughing and crying are brilliantly multiplied and sequenced and processed for an effect that has been observed to create near hysteria in the listener. But on most of the seven tracks here, Black Swan Network have used the source material as an abstract resource to be sculpted into dreamlike Musique Concrete.
The packaging for this disc is non-jewel case, instead coming in a gate-fold card sleeve with tri-fold insert. All art is by Black Swan Network's Will Cullen, also responsible for those amazing Olivia Tremor Control covers.
Press release from :

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H.N.A.S.-LIVE IN HUSUM 24.05.1986, CDR, ????, GERMANY

Wonderfully damaged and as brilliantly "off" sounding as their best studio work, this 1986 live recording was released in an edition of, I believe, 7 copies (I seem to recall Flaam hawking one on ebay for $100+). As such, it's hardly even known to exist. Certainly it's not included in the discography for them and it is. Or rather, here's the music with a copy of the cover image since I wasn't among the lucky 7. In a live setting here, they weave unseemly seams of lopsided electro-pop into Damenbart-ish cod kosmiche excursions amid much distended atmospheric wooze in the grand HNAS style, though I'm not sure if anyone would have anticipated the intimate scat jazz combo they morph into toward the end of this gig!


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Wonderful but capital "W" wacky French jazzy prog with distinct tendencies toward both the post-Canterbury-isms of their countrymen in Moving Gelatine Plates and Rhesus O and the mutant circus jazz of Komintern and Mahjun, but always with the zaniness (particularly vocal zaniness) to the fore, their campy shrill falsetto vocal schtick in particular seemingly genetically grafted from Germany's Nine Days Wonder. Note: this is taken from the CD reissue, which included many bonus cuts and has been divided into two parts.

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Following up on my post of Video-Aventures, here's Dominique Grimaud's pre-V.-A. freak out outfit Camizole. One of the many anarchistic satirical improvisational action units that formed in the turbulent aftermath of the May '68 uprisings (see also Red Noise, Mahogany Brain, Barricade, in their case, it would be the combined influence of Julian Beck's confrontational Living Theater and the piss-taking post-Zappa dada improv rock of Red Noise that would direct their work toward such unruly ends. This eponymous archival CD (they never released anything in their lifetime) was recorded at at French music festival circa 1977 toward the end of their days. I won't even pretend that this is of the same godly caliber as what Grimaud was shortly to get up to with Video-Aventures but it's still a fascinating window into a disappeared Cornell-box universe of idiosyncratic real time sonic assembly. Note: this lengthy CD has been divided into two parts.

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Klaus BLOCH-"Extrem Musik a la Ping Pong" Phase 1,LP,1980,Germany

Following Atlantis Audio Archive blog,of Phase II post,Here's Phase I. Thanks to Fillipo for this!
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Note that this was posted too a few hours back in, but i also post it here crediting it to Fillipo cause i think this record should appear here too!

B People- Petrified Conditions 1979-1981 ,LP,1986.USA

B-People were Alex Gibson's punkwave band when he was mostly famous (and greatly envied) for being Penelope Houston's boyfriend, along with Pat Delaney (Deadbeats, Geza X, Romans) and Tom Recchion from a zillion LAFMS projects [the Los Angeles Free Music Society*]. A peripatetic figure on the Los Angeles post-punk scene, Alex Gibson first appeared around 1978 as the lead guitarist and songwriter of an unrecorded at the time local band called the Little Cripples. When that band's singer, Michael Gira, split for New York to form Circus Mort and, eventually, Swans, the remaining bandmembers regrouped, with Gibson now on lead vocals, and formed B People. (A few of those early Little Cripples songs showed up, reworked, on B People's posthumous career summation, 1986's Petrified Conditions 1979-1981.) B People only managed one EP, a self-titled release on Miles Copeland's Faulty Products label, before splitting up in 1981. Not a very rare record but a great and very omportant gem!

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Augusto Klamm-Poisonous Fragrances,tape,1981-81,UK(?)

Strange self released experimental/dark industrial tape .Released in 1983 in very limited quantities.
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Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda - A la Izquierda del Colibrí ,LP,1986,Mexico

Not unlike a Techno shaman, this Mexican artist eschews musical cliches in his deliberately elusive music. Using ancient instruments such as the clay whistle, shells, rattles, bamboo and the water drum, Jorge Reyes adds electronic textures to create a mythic pre-Columbian dreamscape. Sounds based on natural elements such as wind and rain enter like foreboding notices of the eternal, underpinning the unnerving percussion. Though mostly instrumental, the odd chant is employed to evoke the indigenous culture of the Americas from a time before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Much of his music may be classified as Ambient, but Reyes' jazz background shows in the sophisticated compositional structures.
Robert Leaver

Mexican Space Music at its best, with influences from Prehispanic music
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Jeff & Jane Hudson-complete discography,1979-1983,USA

World trade mini lp(1981)
Flesh LP(1983)
Burn CD(2002)
No Clubs 7"(1981)
+Attack under attack "los lamos"/operating instructions" 7"(1982)
+special world 7"(1983)
Complete discography of this phenomenal legends of minimal synth sounds.All unique and amazing.
for more infos visit their official site
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Stoned progressive/jazz-rock a k a "new fusion". Fuzz, sitar, flute, sax.
This is the only info found!The LP is totally crazed out stoned psych/jazz,totally obscur and great!
any more infos would be appreciated.
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The best of the best Mexican progressive group and the best known abroad. Probably the only group in Mexico that has survived the harsh musical scene where other groups have just disappeared or gave up for the money. Founded in 1980 with Ricardo Moreno: Guitars, Ricardo Ortegon: Guitars, Rosa Flora Moreno: Keyboards, Victor Baldovinos: Drums and Nohemi d'Rubin: Bass. Initially a concert group, they created their own studio and released their first album in 1983: The self titled Iconoclasta, a rich blend of classical music, jazz and electronic/progressive music. Their second album: Reminiscencias brought international attention to the group and their third Suite Mexicana was a conceptual album based upon mexican classical music composers blended with prehispanic sounds; the result a nice progressive sound released in 1987 for the Mexican Independence celebration. By this time Rosa and Nohemi left the group with a compilation album released as a farewell. With their departure a search for replacements started. Since Ricardo was also playing in another super group: Praxis (that broke up at the same time in 1988), he invited Praxis guitarist: Hector Hernandez to join Iconoclasta; Alfredo Rigosa took over the bass and Ricardo switch to take command of the keyboards. With the new members new format they released "Adolescencia croncia" started a european tour where they won the international progressive contest "Exposure". The next album "En busca del sentido" earned the best album award and multiple awards followed: First place in the best international act, best group, Ricardo was nominated best international composer, Victor as best drummer and Alfredo as best bassist. Alfredo leaves the group in 1990, Juan Carlos Gutierrez took his place and Iconoclasta prepared for a concert in the most prestigious theater in Mexico City which was televised and recorded and released as "En Concierto". Once again a new changes occur when Juan leaves the group and Nohemi returns for the Anniversary concert in Tlatelolco while they continue to prepare their next album. In 1991 once again Hector leaves and the group remains as a quartet releasing "La reencarnacion de Maquiavelo" a concept album which shows Iconoclasta at its best. The group releases what is their latest album in 1994: " De Todos Uno" showing a mature group that in spite of commercial pressures remains at the forefront of progressive music. On June 4, 1999 they open for Gong during their presentation in Mexico and currently are working on their new CD "La Granja Humana" (The Human Farm)
Iconoclasta Reminiscencias (Reminiscence)
Suite Mexicana (Mexican Suite)
Siete Anos (7 years, compilation)
Adolescencia Cronica (Chronic Adolescence)
En Busca Del Sentido (In search of meaning)
En Concierto (Live)
La Reencarnacion De Maquiavelo (Machiavelo's reincarnation)
De Todos Uno (From all one)
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Kollektiv Rote Rübe & Ton Steine Scherben -Liebe Tod Hysterie,tape/cd-r,1979,Germany,NWW list

Here's one more by KRR&TSS,and i think that completes their discography(not including Bruhwarm LP that is going to be posted soon).Thanks to Isettal for this one.
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→↑→ (aka Tsk Tsk Tsk)-Kim's 21st Birthday Party 09/05/1981,CD-r,1981/?,Australia

→ ↑ →, (pronounced 'tsk tsk tsk') and moreoften written (though wrongly) as "Tsk Tsk Tsk" or "Tch Tch Tch", was an Australian experimental musical group formed in Melbourne in 1977 by Philip Brophy, Ralph Traviato and Leigh Parkhill.
Sometimes compared to Andy Warhol's Factory collective, the group produced experimental music (Brophy on drums or synthesiser), films, videos, and live theatrical performances exploring Brophy's aesthetic and cultural interests, often on a minimal budget. Musically the group touched upon a wide range of styles including minimalism, punk rock, muzak, krautrock and disco, usually with no vocalist.
Over the ten years of the groups operation it involved over sixty of Brophy's friends and acquaintances including musician David Chesworth, and visual artists Maria Kozic and Jayne Stevenson. They performed in a wide range on Australian venues including pubs, galleries, university campuses and the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre. They also performed or exhibited in Europe, including London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. Brophy dissolved the group in the late 1980s, issuing a retrospective book in 1983: "Made by → ↑ →". He continued to work with his then partner Kozic for some time, prior to her relocation to New York.

Kim's 21st birthday party seemed like a slightly staid affair even if everyone is obviously having a good time. The sound quality is excellent, once again thanks to Tim V and the band play their party style set - which they would do to good effect when they had a minor underground hit with the Nice Noise EP. So there's versions of Funky Town, Eno's Third Uncle and Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part I spread amidst hard drumming originals. Even if they're playing this stuff with an arched eyebrow, it still sounds pretty damned good.

For more →↑→ releases please go here .
Sorry Phil i did not mentioned this earlier,wasn't done by purpose.

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Torso Kurten - The Fraternity of Torture,tape,1985,UK(?)

Here's a realise from a friend of this blog,Jeff Stonehouse.I liked it very much ,hope you do too.Here's what Jeff writes about it:"Torso Kurten were actually myself and a guy called Peter Smith and thisalbum was composed using found sounds (discarded cassette tapes found at theroadside and household objects like plastic coathangers), random radionoise,and broken or failing electronics. It was recorded blind, one track ata time, on a four track portastudio. (ie - Peter would record onto one trackand then bring the portastudio to me, I would then record onto track twowithout listening to what was on track one and pass it back to Peter, and soon). We did this 2 times, once for each side of the album. 'Chickens at 23'was composed in a slightly more structured way, but using the same sort ofinstrumentation."....

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Zorch -Ouroboros,CD,2000,UK

Zorch were the UK's first "all synthesiser" band. Their live shows combined psychedelic electronic music with a mind blowing lightshow. Appearing at Stonehenge and other early free festivals, those who saw them play never forgot the experience. This is the only album ever recorded at Peter Zinovieff's EMS studio and features the classic analogue Synthi 100.

"I left my mind somewhere last night... and Zorch are welcome to it" - Melody Maker, January 1975 .
This gem is as far as i know out of print.Wonderful mindblowing synth textures in early Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze vein!
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Syntoma-NO ME PUEDO CONTROLAR ,LP,1984,Mexico

Very rare and obscure minimal synth LP from mexico,in early Cabaret Voltaire/DAF/Transparent Illusion vein!Highly recommented!Sorry no infos found in English .
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Following up on yesterdays posting of the Juke/19 boxset, here's the passingly cited collaboration between Juke/19 mainman Shinro Ohtake (now much more known in the Japanese visual arts world, his delightfully messy childhood-gone-wrong visual sensibility displayed in the enclosed book) and Eye from The Boredoms. Anyone that cocked an ear to the Juke/19 will understand well that Eye's inspired infantilism schtick is as indebted to Juke/19's sound as his neon junkstore visual sense is indebted to Ohtake's fine arts output. One suspects that their coming together here is something of a pilgrimage to Mecca of sorts for Eye. As for what it sounds like...well...let's see. The year is 1996, there's a room full of childrens instruments on hand, a cockamamie thematic conceit is in place (in this instance, that the album is by a collection of "24 puzzle punk bands") and Eye is a featured performer. 3 guesses.

Note: this lengthy CD has been divided into two parts.

Get part one Here

Get part two Here


More stellar Neue Deutsche Welle madness, in this case of an explicitly schizophrenic cast. There is much dead sharp minimal synth action here, some of it in a submersed bloopbeat way thats very Vanity Records, some of it delivered with a toxic souring of it's candy coated melodicism that is both Tietchens-y and tumescence inducing. At other times, one can expect everything from squashed and dejected sounding spins on the Czukay/Wobble/Leibzeit collaborative aesthetic to all out retarded gooning and pie pan banging. So good.
 ***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************
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Following my posts of unreleased material by Ghedalia Tazartes along with assorted exponents of Australian underground sounds, here's a further installment of of unreleased experimental music history thats bound to astound. Anyone up for 100+ minutes of broadcast quality live Henry Cow? Thought so. I'll refrain from indulging in some extended analysis of Henry Cow and their importance, a subject thats been hashed over endlessly by now. Rather, I'll just state that this recording is nothing short of a revelation and includes reams of goosebump inducing improvisations that are of crucial importance, especially given the critical role improvisation played in the Henry Cow dynamic and how little of this side of their work has heretofore been documented (one LP of their live double and one side on the Greasy Truckers compilation). Over an hour of this is dedicated to said unreleased improvised material, making this recording something of the ark of the covenant for R.I.O. fanboys and improv geeks alike. Why oh why has this slice of musical godhead failed to receive a proper release yet? Only the R.I.O. overlords at ReR can answer that. For now though, I expect many here will be greedily supping from the teat of this fount of goodness and inspiration.


Stone Breath - Songs of Moonlight and Rain ,CD,1997,Australia

On this release Stone Breath features Timothy and Aliseon from MD psychedelicists Mourning Cloak in a more spectral acoustic vein. Following on from the critically acclaimed Mourning Cloak CD "In Dreams You See", "Songs of Moonlight and Rain" establishes an acid-folk thread somewhere between the occult realms of Current 93, and the mantra-strum of Japanese legends Ghost, and is in the same zone as some of the more haunted moments of Alastair Galbraith's "Morse" and "Talisman" albums. Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, penny whistles, zitherlin, chimes, tibetian bells, hand drums and many other instruments are used to infuse songs like "Perched upon the Temple Bell, the Butterfly Sleeps", "Words Written on Petals" and "To Cull Undying Flowers" with a unique poetic force that lives up to their fantastic titles. The atmosphere of this release will stay with the listener like the reverberation of water droplets in the stone cistern of a Japanese water chime.
"Songs of Moonlight and Rain" is packaged in a tri-fold textured card wallet and includes a eight page illustrated lyric booklet, all illustrated in Timothy's finest mind-altering style.
Instruments played on this record:
Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, yule bells, whistles, chimes, harp, bowed zither, tambourine, windchimes, tarka, tibetian bells, water, blackbirds, kalimba, sitar, screech owl, sword, sheet metal and drum.

Great dark/weird darkness deep wood folk compined with acoustic experimentalism, LP ,long out of print.
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Rock Critics(Luc Marianni)-TV Show,LP,1982,France

Here's one more Luc Marianni project(Rock Critics),with n LP from 1982.Thanks once more Phil.
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André Almuró & Colette Magny-Avec' Poeme ,LP,1966,France

A very rare LP of Colette Magny accompanied by André Almuró,released in 1966.Fantastic music concrete accompanying Magny's poems.Saw it selling for 500 EURO!!!!!!!Thank you Phil for this rarity!
Unfortunatelly no pic sleeve scans.
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Here's Another one By Catharsis.

This album contained recordings from June and November 1971 featuring Charlotte's distinctive chanting on many tracks. Her academic vocal training shines through (the members were former music academy students), sometimes close to Donella Del Monaco in Opus Avantra. The musical variety was greater than before, ranging from the transcendental "Aube" via uncommon treatments of music from the 17th and 18th Century, to the childish "Mignonne allons voir". Among these short pieces are some of Catharsis finest recordings. (Code C)

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Luc Marianni-Souvenirs Du Futur,LP,1980,France

Following my previous posts of Luc Marianni/Rock Critics LPs here comes another one.Amazing as always!
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Thanks Phil for this one!

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JUKE/19-1978-1982, 5xCD BOXSET, 1996, JAPAN

Presaging the emergence of the whole Boredoms/UFO or Die mayhem-in-the-romper-room aesthetic by some 10 or so years (Juke/19 leader Shinro Ohtake would go on to collaborate with Eye on the Pipeline CD/book project in 1996, making the connection explicit) Juke/19 delights in creating willfully imbecilic universes of sound where episodes of absurdist brilliance sit jowl to jowl with passels of merely passable midrange howl, though these sudden right turns from cantankerous cacophony to gleefully cartoonish instant compositions create some gripping tension, as these ruptures in tone occur with a logic palpable only to those involved. As everything from mulched video game marching music for mongoloids to what sounds like Sally Smmit being tasered by Maurizio Bianchi emerge at unexpected intervals from the din, you begin to get the sense of some very alien minds at work here. Everything I've just said fails to adequately account for the contents of disc three here though (1981's "Pieces"), which sits at an esoteric-bordering-on-occult right angle to all the rest of the boxset's contents both in it's seriousness and eerieness and which strongly calls to mind the ceremonial, processional and very Dome-like work of the stunning Japanese outfit The Mask Of The Imperial Family before hazing out into a fathoms deep cavern of claustrophobic resonances. Strongly compelling stuff here, folks.

Get disc one (Juke/19) Here

Get disc two (Ninety Seven Circles) Here

Get disc three (Pieces) Here

Get disc four (Soundtrack) Here

Get disc five (19/Single: 4 Titles) Here


Explicitly located on the sturm und drang side of the Neue Deutsche Welle equation and fronted by the very distinctive caterwauling yelp of Christoph Anders (whom Chris Cutler would wisely later hijack for his Cassiber project), Toto Lotto were known (if at all) for their inclusion on the seminal NDW compilation LP Schau Hor Main Herz Ist Rhein. Corrosive both musically and lyrically, Toto Lotto are utterly indebted to the tabula rasa mentality that informs both their immediate peers in the Einsturzende Neubauten camp and their kissing cousins in the American no wave scene. Indeed, with Anders handing sax scree here as well, Toto Lotto's debt to The Contortions is made plain. If it were in my remit to do so, I'd switch the indexing and direct one and all to begin with side B as this is where their sound is maneuvered into a substantially more precedent free direction, specifically via the introduction of driving synthetic blooping and loud rhythm box clatter which, when set against the venomous ironic braying of Anders makes for some powerfully disorienting sound and motion.

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

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