Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a comment!

An anonymous (of course...) user left the following comment which was rejected from comments page cause i wanted it to appear in the main page.Here we go:
"Hi. Don't know what you're trying exactly to prove, that you have the largest collection of hard to find stuff etc., but it seems quiet strange puting here 425 LPs in two months, woweeeeeee! We must admire you maybe for your gratitude! The problem is that the quality of the music you share is awful, so there's no need for your blog... "
1st:it's not necessary for all to have the same musical tastes,if you don't like it,there are many other blogs you can go to
2nd:for all the rest the only thing i can do is laugh....


musicgnome said...

All these people want: is a reaction. Pay them no mind. They are not worth it.

425 Cheers for Awful Music!!!!

Y.E. Vulva said...

www - weird wired world... or different strokes for dissident folks, or somethin' like that

to paraphrase Chuck Darwin Jr.

"keep on mutatin'!"

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha,... what a twit!

Anonymous said...

I think you should post "moronic comment of the day." Obviously a case of small penis syndrome.

rotardendra said...

can anyone say "jealous?"

What the heck would he know about music anyway? That guy probably listens to Gwen Stefani or something. some people who can't find anything useful to do themselves condemn others who can. Another thing: I've noticed that some people literally cannot open their minds enough to hear new music that doesn't sound exactly like they want or expect it to sound. This is why the record industry sucks and why this sort of blog is necessary. We must not allow them to be in control of everything or else these music cultures are killed and we have another crappy monoculture engulfing this already homogenized and dumbed down species.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about that guy. he sounds like an idiot. I've said it before and I'll say it again; your blog is the best in town!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutant Sounds,
I'm one of many people who thoroughly enjoy your heroic contributions in making all this wonderfull and adventurous music accessible to a wider audience. And I very much agree with the ones who say: please, don't pay any attention to pathetic people who apparantly are so jealous, bored and/or lonely that they spend time and effort in trying to put you down.
MS is the favourite place on the web for me. Please keep up the good spirit! P23

fuzztunnel said...

Some of the stuff you post is awful. Some of the stuff you post is amazing. But just because it's awful doesn't mean it isn't amazing. Your commenter lacks a sophisticated ear. Thank you for posting both the awful stuff and the amazing stuff. This is a great blog- don't change a thing.

Well okay, I do have one request. Could you put together a small "Absolutely Essential Minimal Synth" list? I've been trolling through your archives downloading those albums like mad. The System 56, Trek, and Lou Champagne albums are blowing my mind. I want more!

Again, thanks for all your hard work and generosity.

TonPo said...

I wonder what this guy's record collection is like...

As a fan of most of the amazing stuff you post, I consider this blog to be providing a much needed service to people like myself. However, I am still totally in awe and slightly jealous of your collection, but that is neither here nor there. I usually consider that a good thing though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mutant
I don't think we should make fun of this one,because he is obviously....special-you know?
ps glad to see one of my old records posted here(maybe that's the one that tipped him over?..)

all the best to you


Anonymous said...

Those kind of people are scum. I hate 'em I does! Anyway, thanks for sharing! You are doing the world a great service here.

john said...

Yeah, I agree with Carlos, our current suppossedly-great consumer society is actually a pile of Owellian crap, narrowing down our choices and limiting our conceptions of freedom. What makes your blog amazing is that is shows us a glimpse of the awesome variety that humanity is actually capable of. Thank you Mutantsounds for documenting this incredible music. I truly believe that blogs such as yours are going to play an important part in liberating us all from the shackles of mainstream society. Bravo!

mutantsounds said...

and may i ask which is your old record...sorry i could not figure this out from the pp on your comment:(

mutantsounds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Without much further ado: Your blog is great! A very thankful user.

Anonymous said...

pay no attention, the guy's probably a charts-feeding idiot.
Thanks a lot for your blog, I found many bands I've never evn heard of here, and they're incredible!

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone (not you) has LP envy.

I'm greatly amazed by the records -- otherwise unavailable except to a very -- you post, along with the curation and comments. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awful music? Yummy, more please :)

Chuy said...

keep on doing this excellent job my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to say a big thanks for taking the time to do your blog. I am loving the music. Don't listen to the un-enlightened. Cheers for all your hard work!

Ellaguru said...

hi mutant!
thanx for your hard work, and for letting us the possibility to choose between hal-noise and noise:we choose noise!

dual said...

@the dude who posted this (anonymous???): ORLY??
this is hilarious!

all i can say is:

if (this.user == "troll")
this.gotoAndPlay("Get Out and fcuk-off");
} else {

or in other words:

mutantman, keep it up!

Keith Rozendal, PhD said...

i'd like to add a note of encouragement. i've been collecting
weirdo music for 20 years for radio
airplay and my own enjoyment. this
stuff comes out in editions of 500
or so, on average, and then vanishes.
it is some of the most unique and
innovative music, that because it
shreds the usual musical conventions
and categories, tends to cause
certain people to react with anxiety,
fear, and then eventually aggression seems to be lurking
in there somewhere. forget those
who are encouraged to share their
petty opinions by the web (it seems
to bring out the judgmental side
of almost everyone) and keep up
the vital public service for
the small but growing community
of weirdo music. and feel free
to note the hypocrisy of some
of my comments, given that i'm
expressing some of my own opinions
and judgments here. trust me when
i say that i very rarely make the effort
to step into such all-heat-and-no-light shouting matches on the internet. i have more
important things to do, but when they may impact important work like
your own, then i have to make a stand.

and by the way, if you could make a "want list" post a regularly occuring feature, i would be happy
to give back pieces of music that i have on hand that aren't available to you. i doubt there's much, but there's bound to be one in a while.

many many sincere thanks, keith

Anonymous said...

You sir, on the other hand, are one of the hardest working men on the net.
Thanks a heap for the education you're providing. I thought I had it all worked out with an endless supply of cheap secondhand vinyl shops here in Tokyo, but you pull out out lost gem after lost gem.
Loving yer work, comrade !

Unknown said...

don't ever, ever stop unless you absolutely must- there are few blogs that cover the music you do, the way you do. mutant sounds is a ray of skull-crushing light!

Anonymous said...

Said commenter needs to open his or her mind and ears.

Anonymous said...

he said the QUALITY is awful, not the music itself.

ommyth said...

You've said it many times yourself - you're not providing lossless, audiophile-quality rips from pristine masters. You're offering the bloody music, period, music which an enormous swath of humans - including the oaf whose comment spurred this dialogue - have never before heard or had easy access to.

Thank you again, Mutant Sounds!

PS - An email is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

it's puzzling that someone takes anytime to type a message of such inept content. Many thanks to you, your work is a dear gift to many. Count me in your supporters

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to this stuff long enough to expect confused or even hostile reactions sometimes. That said, in the blog context it's usually best to just ignore people like that.

I'll give him this: you do post an lot of stuff. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all this "awful" music, much of which I've never heard before. But I can't say that's a reason to complain! Keep it up, obviously plenty of people are loving it.

Anonymous said...

Dear MS,
As a friend said above it's starnge that someone takes time to write such rot, but perhaps even stranger that they take the time to download all 425 LPs to quantify that they are not to their taste. Ah well, it takes all sorts...
Keep pluging away.

Anonymous said...

when i was younger i didn't say to people what kind of music I like
because most of them didn't thought of music as a kind of art but as a way to kill their time. There are sick of MTV or FM kind of music.
thank you very much for daniel denis

Anonymous said...

your work is much appreciated, his comment was comical if anything...

Unknown said...

Some of the stuff you post is admittedly bad... but that doesn't mean that someone isn't looking for it. More often than not I'm sure someone is overjoyed with you posting the albums you do because... well, I don't know about a lot of these guys, but I've been looking for a lot of these for quite a while (the Alvaro album and the MEV/AMM split come to mind).

I say forget about them and keep up the good work.

retro vinyl said...

To add to the positive vibe going on here,only yesterday I found it relevant to single out your MP3 blog in my lens on Squidoo
vinyl records
By the way,thanks for posting that last NWW,i've been missing 'Brained By Falling Masonry' for a good few years
Jim Foetus was creating some quality stuff around that time

x said...

Dear Mutant Sounds,

I'm afraid there's one born everyday... that's why the world is currently in need of desperate renewal where all variations are recognised and can be accepted.... I personally don't like all the stuff you post, but I'm still happy to check out all possibilities.... and am grateful for that option... so, keep building on this great body of diverse works the more the merrier......
Best of Luck to you !!!
and to mr Schmuck-hole don't worry like attracts like... enjoy your living hell....

kosice said...

Thank you for providing us with the comic relief, it is good to have a good laugh sometimes! As to the music you post on your site - I don't think it is awful, none of it. I am sure that every single album was appreciated by somebody out there. For me, it is mostly 70s music that hits the spot and some of the newer industrial or computerized music leaves me cold...that does not mean that music is bad or less valid. Keep up the good work, your blog really is unique and the amound of good music and research is staggering. We all appreciate your hard work and generosity, long live music!


Loopy C said...

PLEASE my mutant friend, do not engage this sour soul. It is all they have to see a response and with no control seek further aggravation towards you any way they can. I have seen it over and over, we are here because your tastes and your collection is all about music that challenges, keep it about the music and delete/ignore anything else!

Anonymous said...

the QUALITY is awful, not the music itself.

xopher.tm said...

> Anonymous said...
> the QUALITY is awful, not the music itself.

"if you don't like it,there are many other blogs you can go to"

For some people, complaining is like masturbation; they like the way it feels and can't stop from doing it compulsively.

Go outside and get some sunliht. It will do you a world of good.

The rest of us will continue to enjoy this blog.

Anonymous said...

Can't agreed this crazy guy saying,he don't had a taste of music,for me this is the greatest blog i had ever seen!
Thanks i'm enjoying very much!

ps:i just find out this excellent blog dat before yesterday very appreciated your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should post a few hip-hop spins to pull this guy back in the fold. I agree...what the hell is a NWW? :)))

mutantsounds said...

NWW=Nurse With Wound

Anonymous said...

much more rare music followed :)

Anonymous said...

3 words sum it up..........

rock in opposition

dr zoots