Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Following my posts of the Hare Hare Night and The Lost Vow compilations, here's the third and final installment of my unholy trinity of wigged out compendiums documenting the 80's Japanese underground, this one bridging the gap between 80's Japanese weirdity and their sympathetic counterparts in the Neue Deutsche Welle scene. Utterly essential!

Get pt 1 Here

Get pt 2 Here


Anonymous said...

vdoandsound - thx for rolling the drums, i'm a bit more in the blogcorner with wordpress, but that's okay with me ;)

your link to the recrec-page is apparently directing to the drive-to-heaven-post - but as all the pages are at the top of the post, it should be quite easy to find...

keep the spirit - the spirit of community, too! ;)

to round up your unholy trinity of Japanese weirdity, as you put it, i'd recommend the holy addition of the fred frith produced album "welcome to dreamland - another japan". the link to this can also be found at the recrec-page!

love to the 3 unholy mutant turtles! ;)

vdoandsound said...

Hi Lucky...Yer welcome. linking directly to the Drive To Heaven post was intentional, as you've got a wealth of supplementary info on it that I don't. I figured it's easy enough to find the RecRec page from there. Actually, your Welcome To Dreamland offer is one I'll probably take you up on a little later, as the artists on that fit more closely with a different axis of the Japanese scene that I'l be getting to later (Katra Turana, Luna Park Ensemble, Pungo, A-Musik...things like that...)

Anonymous said...

vdo+sound - i'm really glad dr. mutant can rest a bit from this annoying comments he got and have some very fine contributors in you!

wonderful stuff you put up here, extraordinairy! ;)

off for the rest of the week - to keep me sane!

Thomas said...

Unfortunately the links are dead! Is there any chance of a re-upload of this one? I would love to hear it!