Saturday, February 24, 2007

Radio Free Europe-Laughoncue,LP,1980,USA

Here's another great minimal synth /experimental LP from the early 80s.Sounding as a combination of Bene Gesserit and Cabaret Voltaire!
Band members:Brian Hansen,Dave Maya,Stephan Miller,Dan Puckett.From Austin Texas
get it here


Anonymous said...

Gracias, Muchas Gracias!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Ozric Tentacles. And this post sounds like gold to me. THANKS VERY MUCH. Your blog is unique. ERPMAN

Anonymous said...

Just wondering about the track order for Radio Free Europe? Half of the files are numbered, the others aren't. Can you please help out? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

R3000 said...

The tracklist is:
(just checked my vinyl, hehe...)

1. Shock Corridor
2. It Likes You
3. Suggested Re-entry
4. Occupation of France
5. Fulda Gap
6. Adada
7. Falling Million Years
8. Whore of Babylon
9. A Couple Screams
10. Time between Seconds
11. Heart of the Matter


Anonymous said...

Hiii Can you re-up the album cover files in hi-res.
Thanks from Mexico
You are the best in music blogs in the world with records that people like me never imagine has ever heard... ?
Sorry for my english but you know what I mean!
Thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot, I was looking for this rare album for years. Once owned it but it got lost somehow. As far as I'm informed it was released in a quite small edition at that time.

GRK. said...