Wednesday, February 21, 2007

H.N.A.S. - Die Drehorgel Als Feuerspritze,Tape,1986,Germany

well i'm a bit confused with this one....i got it through tape trade as exact copy(named Fire barrel Tape ,that with my little German knowledge this is a translation of the German title in English),but in the sleeve the 3rd song from B-side is listed as "Ewige Verwirrung (Alternativer Mix)" (from "Küttel Im Frost" ,LP) and the song is :"2 Fremde Ehepaare" from the 1987 tape "Blumenstrauß Vor Eiffelturm".Searched through the Internet for infos ,also found it in Soulseek,and got the same position.Any further infos ?

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Unknown said...

sorry i can't give you anymore info, this is the first time i've been able to hear these guys Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa (Moose without a sofa) ????

strange stuff


Zotenschmied said...

the correct translation for "die drehorgel als feuerspritze" wäre "the barrel organg as fire extinguisher" as drehorgel is barrel organ and feuerspritze is a device to extinguish fire.

a translation for hirsche nicht aufs sofa would be "deers not on the sofa" in the sense, that the deers are not allowed to sit on a sofa.

i got copy of this tape but as i don't know the other tape i can't answer you question. my tape is a rerelease on musica maxima magnetica from the early nineties.

many thanks for your marvellous work on this blog. it's the best i have seen so far.