Friday, February 23, 2007

The (New) TG(Throbbing Gristle)-Vol.2,Tape,1976 recording/1982 release,UK

Here's another rare TG release!Thanks to Jeff Stonehouse!
get it here


Anonymous said...

Nice one!!

I'll rip 'n' zip 'Volume One' just as soon as I can get the tape to play properly.
Damn these cheap cassettes! :)


Fred G. Sanford said...

thanks very much.
wotta great blog.

keep up the g00d work.

Anonymous said...

Erm, is it just me or are vols 1 & 2 actually the same cassette with the sides reversed (better sound quality on the first volume though)? Enlighten me if I'm missing something here!

Regardless, thanks for making the effort & posting this (amazing!) stuff. x

Anonymous said...

Exact same tracks as the volume 1 only lower bitrate of 128