Saturday, February 17, 2007


One of the rarest and best minimal synth compilations!
A1 Stephen Emmer - You See You
A2 Van Kaye & Ignit - The Heat
A3 Van Kaye & Ignit - Whirlwind A4 Van Kaye & Ignit - Alice Notley
A5 Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars A6 Nine Circles - What's There Left
B1 Smalts - Werktitel 10
B2 Smalts - Werktitel 4
B3 Cargo Cultis - La Peste
B4 Cargo Cultis - Stick At No Scruples
B5 Genetic Factor - Action Spot
get it here


Anonymous said...

thanks mutant sounds! :)

Unknown said...

Mutant Sounds rules!!

waldemar said...

Thank you! I've bought this on cassette in 1982 and I wondered if it was available on mp3. Looked especially for Nine Circles and Genetic Factor. Very good!

Unknown said...

This is funny.. VPRO is currently a Dutch T.V. station. Always has the most intresting documentary's and shows. Always controversial and looking to daily events with a healthy dosis of critic an humor. Not really suprising that they where having great radioshows back in the days when i couldn't tie my own shoelaces. Thank you for this.