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Some truly sick shite here, friends! Geoff Krozier was a legendary Aussie underground musical cult figure par extrordinaire and both a magician by trade and a magickian by practice. Wedded to The Generator's anomalous vision of space rock (very much akin to the soundworld's of their contemporaries Tolley And Dara and Ian Macfarlane and a step on from their work as Rainbow Generator, posted here by Jim a while back), Krozier's eccentrically voiced poetic occultic rants garland this album in strange linguistic flows and create an atmosphere utterly unique in the world of psych/prog/kosmiche music.

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Mindbending weirdity from this New York crew that operated at a strange juncture between post-Residents wacky songform deformation and the Downtown NY cabaret-on-acid improv stylizations of Shelly Hirsch and David Weinstein's collaborations (with Hirsch actually appearing on three cuts here), made all the more curious due to the creative misapplications of slicked up DX-7 tonalities and Fairlight CMI primitive sampladelic tech thats lends the proceedings a vaguely Art Of Noise-y undertow which sounds absolutely alien in the context of such wayward compositional impulses. Absolutely stunning, commanding work.

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Very cool Aussie post punk on the legendary Msquared label. Xero, while undeniably representing the more new-wave-qua-new-wave side of the Msquared roster (a label perhaps better remembered for releasing radicals like The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast), made enjoyably moody work with a distinct Siouxsie And The Banshees edge to it.

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Recorded a half year before their eponymous LP that I posted here about a month back, this classic Neue Deutsche Welle tape of high strung jittery post punk fun features about a 50/50 split between earlier, rawer (and occasionally better) versions of cuts that appeared on said debut LP and about 20 minutes of material found only here thats equally stellar. Note: As is the case with all NDW tapes I've posted, this has no individual track indexing. Just sides A and B.

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Though there are plenty of moments here that are thick and dizzy with precisely the sort of scrambled avant scuzz psych hurlyburly you'd expect from a project featuring Boredoms/Omoide Haotoba guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto, L.U.T.S. are prone to just as readily veer off onto pastures far more relaxed and contemplative than a line-up that pits Yamomoto's string work against the rhythm section from Japanese garage psychsters Subvert Blaze would suggest. Really nice stuff.

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Geoffrey Landers -The Ever Decimal Pulse ,1982+Habitual Features ,1983,LPs,USA

Colorado minimal post punk albums. From minimal synth to dark post punk to spaced out synth drones. In the vein of John Bender ,Schleimer K, Second Layer, Dark Day.
Highly recommented!
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Marcello Giombini - Antropophagus /Le Notti Erotiche dei Morti Vivente,CD-R,1980,Italy

2 great electronic soundtracks to 2 Joe D Amato movies by the great Marcello Giombini .In the same vein as TransVita Express LP.Scary electronic music all through(check the great interpretation of Zorba The Greek at the start of Anthropophagus , which was made in Greece).An Excellent companion to the previous posted Akron lp along with Jacula and the rest!
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Mark Nauseef- Sura ,LP,1983,Germany

Although there are many more widely known session drummers than Mark Nauseef, few have lent their talents to as wide a variety of musical styles as Nauseef has over the years. Nauseef has studied numerous percussive styles during his long and winding career, including Javanese gamelan with K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat; Balinese gamelan with I. Nyoman Wenten; North Indian pakhawaj drumming with Pandit Taranath Rao and Pandit Amiya Dasgupta; Ghanaian drumming and dance with Kobla, Alfred Ladzekpo, Dzidzogbe Lawulvi, and C.K. Ganyo; and 20th Century western percussion techniques and hand drumming with John Bergamo and Glen Velez.
Nauseef got his start in the 1970s, as he drummed on recordings by such rock outfits as Elf (a band that featured a preRainbow/Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio on vocals), a postLou Reed version of the Velvet Underground, the Ian Gillan Band, as a fillin for Thin Lizzy during an Australian tour (which is documented on the Lizzy home video The Boys Are Back in Town), Jack Bruce, Andy Summers, and Gary Moore, among others. But it wasn't long before Nauseef broadened his horizons and began drumming with nonrock artists: Joachim K�hn, Rabih AbouKhalil, Trilok Gurtu, Kyai Kunbul (Javanese gamelan), the Ladzekpo Brothers (Ghanaian music and dance), and the Gamelan Orchestra of Saba (Balinese gamelan).
Since the early 80s, Nauseef has sporadically issued his own solo albums: 1983's Personal Notes and Sura, 1984's WunWun, 1995's Snake Music, and 2000's With Space in Mind. In addition to his percussion talents, Nauseef has also produced other artists, including recordings of traditional Balinese and Javanese music, a few of which later appeared on the compilation CMPIer, Vol. 1: 3000 Series.
- Greg Prato, All Music Guide
This is the 2nd solo LP by Mark Nauseef,with contributions from Joachim Kühn, Markus Stockhausen, Trilok gurtu, Kamalesh Maitra, David Torn nd others.Excellent combination of improvised music,jazz and world music.Highly Recommented!

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Mekanik Kommando - It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing,LP,1981.Netherlands

As promised ,here 's the first Mekanik Kommando LP from 1981.This is their best imo .Electronic sounds all over.Will appeal much to all fans of Snowy Red,etc.

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Akron -La Signora Del Buio,LP,1999,Italy

Very dark organ driven heavy progressive from Italy in the vein of Jacula,Metamorfosi, Pholas Dactilus,Antonius Rex, Il Segno Del Comando .Pressed in very limited quantity of 400 copies accompanied by booklet.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!!!!
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thank you Chris for this one!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tabu-Tanz Intim,LP,1982,Netherlnds

Another obscure NDW/synth LP ,this time from Netherlands.Much synth driven punkish sound reminding Ski Und die Rest,Red Zebra,,etc.

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Grupo Fongus-Guadalajara Rock,LP,1978, Mexico

Crazy stoned Mexican hard fuzzed out psych/garage LP.Very obscure,primitive production with some heavy metal influences but yet much freaked out to be considered metal.Reminds me a bit of Terry Brooks Strange ,Raw Power LP.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The 8th set of Obscure DIY 7"s

Fragments-Someother Guy/Intro Mental,7",1980.UK
Another great unknown UK synth/DIY 7" from the early 80s.Absolutely essentialfor Transparent Illusion,Aerial Fx,etc fans.
More Japanese experimental noise weirdness here .Be sure to check also Eric's Juke megapost a few months ago.

Kosmonautentraum- Immer laut hören,7",1980,Germany
This is the 1st 7" by Kosmonautentraum,in Eigenproduktion label(Monoton related).Very experimental synth weirdness here!Highly recommented!
Metal Y Ca-Velocidad e.p,1983,Spain
Great synth pop 7" ,with sax tunes, from Spain.Note this is not the early 90s velocidad e.p with only the title track in common.This is the original 1983 e.p rip.Will appeal to all Aviador Dro ,Clonicos fans!
Spencer Spencer-Treble e.p,12",1982,Australia
Great minimal synth e.p from Australia,popish enough ,yet with darker moments(perfect stranger).Sorry missing one track(we never get to talk),anyone who could possibly provide it????
Spoon Fazer-Music 2 Dance 2, e.p.,7",1982,UK
Another great minimal synth/post punk 7" hith strong Gang 0f 4 influences,but more synth oriented and some times more darkish and more experimental(Motorway Amber time).Band contributed in the excellent compilation East of Croydon ,posted a few month ago.
Take it-Man made world e.p.,7",1979,UK
Obscure synth/experimental DIY 7" in Door and the Window,Residents,Instant Automatons vein.A classic!

Voices - Amsterdam/Where the raven sits,7", 1980,Germany
Totally obscure German synth driven post punk.An unknown masterpiece.I consider it as good as the Autopilot e.p.One of the most amazing finds!
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Alexandros-Data,LP,1985+7" 1983,Greece

Here's a post of an extremely rare Greek minimal synth item.The Alexandros LP was released in 1985 by 80's ways records in very smal quantities and the 7" in 1983 on the same label is twice as rare.Minimal synth popall through in Yazoo,Human League ,etc. vein.
Sorry i have this 7" without pic sleeve so no scans of it.Anyone who can provide scans of the 7" or better scans of the LP?
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Ståålfågel-st,LP,1980+Sällskapa mig genom natten,LP,1981,+2x7"(1981/2)Sweden

Very important but very much underrated Swedish band.Started as a punk band in 1978,and then turned to a post punk style,with much use of synths,some melancholic/dark moments but yet unique,combining punk energy with post punk weirdness.Will appeal to all fans of early UK post punk music(Bikini Attol,Autopilot,Section 25,Artery,Dancing Did,English Subtitles,etc).Highly recommented!Each LP containing bextra tracks from their 2 7"s.
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Mekanik Kommando-Dancing Elephants,MLP,1982+Snake Is Queen,LP,1982,Netherlands

One of the best minimal synth/post punk bands from Netherlands.They later reformed to Use Of Ashes.Melancholic anxious sounds filled with electronic treatments,reminding more electronic oriented Joy Division,Jeff and Jane,Dark day,Snowy red,etc.
Their first LP coming very soon.
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Enzo Kreft - Me Is!,tape,1983,Netherlands(?)

Excellent minimal synth meets experimental tape release.Reminding early Cabaret Voltaire,Instant Automatons, ADN Ckrystall with swirling keyboards,metronomic rhythms,anxious vocals or chanting voices.Highly recommented!

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Candidate & Gangrène-split tape, tape,1985(?),France

Very rare electronic experimental tape from France,the 1st release of Permis De Construire label.Candidate is a duo experimenting with electronics reminding streched out DIY synth pop in the vein of AD Conspiracy,Transparent Illusion,and hints of Absurd label artists(Door and the Window,Gerry and the Hollograms,Bet Lynch Legs,etc),Funboy Five,etc.Gangrène on the other hand are much more "electropunk" oriented (!) reminding me some Crawling Chaos recordings with female vocals, some frustrated angst-y rhythms and vocals ,reminding "Nag nag nag" era Cabsall these in a DIY folder!Excellent tape!
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Sanity threatening higer-key dementia from one of America's greatest undiscovered pack of mindfuckers, No-Y-Z's
relentlessly innovative and ever shifting melange takes in ironically detourned tape collage, esoteric post punk instrumentals and gibbering gnome voice sickness, their diseased distillation sounding like some unprecedented hybrid of Bomis Prendin, Ivor Axeglovitch, Negativland and Le Forte Four.

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