Saturday, May 26, 2007


Anyone up for the idea of something that sounds like a sunshiny, tropical Heldon? I realize how potentially dubious that sounds, but German guitar wizard (also a member of NWW list artists Association PC) Toto Blanke actually manages to pull off something of this sort (albeit not on all the cuts here) with great aplomb, as it's a terrain he'd been exploring for some years with his brain burning unit Electric Circus; a territory later mapped in none-too-disimilar fashion by Georges Grunblatt. Tales of Tomorrow alternates between said bits of guitar and synth fireworks (some of which justifies the use of terms like "fucking awesome") and other decidedly more languid (and occasionally borderline schmaltzy) bits of acoustic twiddling, the former fortunately greatly outweighing the latter.

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psychelatte said...

Hey just wanna say a huge thankyou for this, absolutely LOVE it and it doesn't apear to be available in any form anywhere else on earth (except maybe ebay)

great great album man!! x