Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Forum Quorum-st,LP,1968,USA

Despite a number of impressive accomplishments, the Forum Quorum today is largely forgotten. But how many other groups of the era can claim two appearances on the Mike Douglas Show, two motion picture soundtracks, numerous product jingle recordings, a Vox sponsorship, a national magazine cover, and two 45 singles and a full LP release? Indeed, due to their impressive track record, the Forum Quorum had their quest for the big time documented in a book titled “How To Form A Rock Group.” After picking up a copy of the book on eBay, we did a quick Internet search and were fortunate enough to locate drummer Brian Albano, who graciously agreed to provide more information on the group and their various projects.
Excellent teen psych lp with swirling organ sounds and as you cn see on the pictures above bouzouki!Reminds me "Inner Mystique"-era Chocolate Watchband ,some hints of ? and the mysterians.Highly Recommended!
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