Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Candidate & Gangrène-split tape, tape,1985(?),France

Very rare electronic experimental tape from France,the 1st release of Permis De Construire label.Candidate is a duo experimenting with electronics reminding streched out DIY synth pop in the vein of AD Conspiracy,Transparent Illusion,and hints of Absurd label artists(Door and the Window,Gerry and the Hollograms,Bet Lynch Legs,etc),Funboy Five,etc.Gangrène on the other hand are much more "electropunk" oriented (!) reminding me some Crawling Chaos recordings with female vocals, some frustrated angst-y rhythms and vocals ,reminding "Nag nag nag" era Cabsall these in a DIY folder!Excellent tape!
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DiamondTeen said...

I love Gangrène; can you tell me more about them?

Anonymous said...

also did a single together : On the Ice (Candidate) bw Red Star (Gangrene) on Dum Dum records (from Nancy)

Le Chapiteau Des Fous said...

For your info, I just uploaded the Candidate/Gangrène split 7" on my own blog.
I love your site, keep up the good work.