Friday, May 25, 2007


Giddy, zippy new wave-infllected instrumental art rock of an exceeding fetching persuasion that passingly glances off of Honeymoon Killers-like cartoonish ambulation, Jules Baptiste cum Six Cylindres En V effervescent horn charting and the mid-80's downtown NY-isms of Don King and The Ordinaires. Terrifically fun shite.

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Anonymous said...

All bands with country fellow Peter Vermeersch are so much fun... Thanks!

He had another band called "Union". The made one vinyl mini-LP. Very hard to get (just a tip ;-).
And the aforementioned Honeymoon Killers' first album ("les tueurs de la lune de miel") would be more than welcome too..

And now that I'm requesting - ahem-: any release from Tolley & Dara perhaps...?


vdoandsound said...

Lex-The Vermeersch EP you speak of is one I'd never heard of before. Thanks for the tip! Your brain is on a parallel path to mine, as I was just planning on posting both of the Tolley and Dara LP's I have in the next week or so and The Honeymoon Killers were on my shortlist as well. Keep your eyes peeled...and your ears weird :-)

DDV said...

The 'original' Simpletones are Johan Desmet on guitar and Rudy Cabie on electric organ. The music consists of a variety of combinations of the same 3 notes over & over.
In the early years they only played during performances by DDV. The first occasion was AMVK's exhibition "Basic" at Art Something in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 12 sept 1980.
The first release by The Simpletones was a 7" 33rpm single that exists with 3 different covers. It is available as first release on the Club Moral Stocklist podcast.

Anonymous said...

Vdoandsound: thanks for the nice compliment and TIA for the goodies you mentioned!

Another tip for your ears?
Releases by Belgian band "Lavvi Ebbel". Twisted guitars, pulsing rhythms, shere fun. A bit like B-52s when they were still innovating.

DaDV: thanks for your comment. Didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

simpletones also released a CD album called "Einfach"

DDV said...

we still have a number of original vinyls from the simpletones available. contact us via the podcast page if you're interested.