Saturday, May 26, 2007

V/A:Modern Pop Music According To De Selby,LP,1985,Sweden

A1 Control Addicts Oxo-Omo-Ono
A2 Lille Roger They Burn
A3 Fågeldöd Guldsteklarna Som Cirkulerar Ovanför
A4 Mygel Terapi
A5 Dagcenter-Pöbeln Bo Diddley
B1 En Halvkokt I Folie (I Like) The Introduction Of A Flute
B2 Njurmännen Stadsvisan
B3 Verboten Yeahh
B4 Datahysteri Zashoth In Grey

B5 Cloister Crime Live Superlative, Darling

Impossible to find industrial / experimental music compilation LP on very small swedish Konduktor label from the mid-80's!! This features the 1st vinyl appearence of LILLE ROGER(ex-BRIGHTER DEATH NOW), also NJURMANNEN(DEUTSCH NEPAL connected), EN HALVKOKT 1 FOLIE, VERBOTEN, plus some other less known swedish industrial projects like Control Addicts, Fageldod, Cirkulerar Ovanfor, Mygel, Dagcenter-Pobeln, Datahysterii, Cloister Crime. A true jewel of 80's industrial music, moving along the lines of early 80's classic industrial, like Whitehouse, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, New Blockaders, Zoviet France, Hunting Londge, Merzbow. Contained 14-page booklet with lots of b/w pictures, manifestos and discographies! A real must for fans of experimental, industrial, electronic music, Brighter Death Now, Throbbing Gristle, Monte Cazzaza, Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugen, Merzbow, P16.D4, Death in June, Coil, Maurizio Bianchi, Memorandum, Organum, New Blockaders, John Duncan, Hafler Trio, Nurse with wound, Stockhausen, John Cage, Mauricio Kagel, Ligeti!

get it here and here


Anonymous said...

Hi - part 2 of archive seems to be corrupt or has some other problem that isn't allowing it to open the zipped file properly... Anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

yes, also having an error extracting the files. get a failure. nor can I even extract the single mp3's from either .rar archive.

please re-rar and repost if you can :)

Anonymous said...

Yea, it´s broken.. :/
*puts on the priginal LP* Hehe...

naybody wanna buy it? I have a spare copy. MINT.


Green's Restaurant said...

The files are NOT broken. You have to download both files, they are both parts of the same RAR-archive. Working fine here.

Nice old nostalgic stuff! En ½-kokt i folie played in Malmö not long ago, and I saw Njurmännen together with UKON last year in Malmö too.