Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tabu-Tanz Intim,LP,1982,Netherlnds

Another obscure NDW/synth LP ,this time from Netherlands.Much synth driven punkish sound reminding Ski Und die Rest,Red Zebra,,etc.

get it here


kvamsky said...

Hi! I must say, you have certainly uploaded a fantastic collection of music. I liked especially all the swedish progg-records.
(Er du svensk?) - just asking if you are swedish.. Anyway. Ive been searching trough your blog for a long time now. But I must ask you: Have you paied for a rapidshare-account, or do you know some other way to get it for free?


mutantsounds said...

of course i have paid

kvamsky said...

awkay - just wondered! :)

Anonymous said...

or do you know some other way to get it for free?

You are getting all this GREAT music 100% free and your cheap ass isn't willing to shell out $8 or $9 for a premium account?


Anonymous said...

i'm sure a lot of the people who download from here don't pay for their accounts. screw a premium account. just wait an hour. go clean or something while you're waiting. time flies, really.

jaylib said...

3 years ago, still:

i think you have mistaken something there. Tabu is a band from the "NDW", so its a german band from the 80s synth' movement.