Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Class Info-Inside,MLP,1983,Canada

Here's one of the rarest minimal synth gems.Copies are sold on Ebay from 400 to 700 US $!

Amazing and simply weird record of synth-pop that sounds like a mix of Fad Gadget and Soft Cell but kinda lo-fi and dirty with a sullen Andy McCluskey-type on vocals. He even mixes some rockabilly guitar kinda like Electronicat into one of the five perplexing electro pop cuts here. A shame this never got signed to a larger label, this 5-song EP with a pressing of 500 with fewer circulated is the only known document of this Winnipeg, Canada project from 1983 released on local (possibly their own) Classified Records.

note: link removed at the request of the artist


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Class Info, but I kinda like it!....those references are spot on, excellent find and thanks!

Ninja said...

Yes! Thanks so much for this one :)

Michael Holland said...

there also exists a 7" by this band featuring two tracks also on the 12" i only knew about the band cos of your blog when i found it today in vancouver. thanks a lot for posting this one mutant sounds its a brilliant post and very on point!

my fave mutant sounds post along with social climbers 2x7"

Robbie Eleckt said...

thanks !

Jay Willman said...

Thanx peeps ... Jay C. Willman