Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mekanik Kommando-Dancing Elephants,MLP,1982+Snake Is Queen,LP,1982,Netherlands

One of the best minimal synth/post punk bands from Netherlands.They later reformed to Use Of Ashes.Melancholic anxious sounds filled with electronic treatments,reminding more electronic oriented Joy Division,Jeff and Jane,Dark day,Snowy red,etc.
Their first LP coming very soon.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, great band !!
Years ago I was owner of the "Dancing Elephants" vinyl. So it's fine to hear this tunes after so many years!
Thank you very much for this !!!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for these again. Looking forward to the 1st LP.
Do you happen to know A Modest Proposal? They also released an LP on Rosebud, Mekanik Kommando's label after they left Wereldrekord. Seems to be very rare. Don't know if it's any good though...

Anonymous said...

I love this band. I wish they had done more work, or others sounded like them:)

rupts said...

Ha brilliant band saw them quite often,even as support-act for the cure!! recorded live-sets several times.
Even now members make amazing music as use of ashes


CarneZafiro said...

thanks once again.

Anonymous said...


Only the Dancing Elephants songs appear to get downloaded, not the Snake is Queen album. Would be great if this could be fixed.

Thanks in advance :) !

Anonymous said...

could you please re-link the albums if it's possible? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

yes! please re-upload! missing treasures to be shared! it'd be so awesome!