Thursday, May 24, 2007


This Neue Deutsche Welle minimal synth mega-collectable features expertly crafted and crisply precision tooled Kraftwerk cum D.A.F. man machine music of a highly engaging sort over the first half of this very sharp EP. Eventually though, weirder tangents elbow their way to the fore, eventually woozeing out the proceedings and winding them down into some gorgeously eerie hybrid of Conrad Schnitzler, Tuxedomoon and Dome/Cupol.

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Anonymous said...

Great item !!!
Haven't listen to it for many years now!!!
Thank your for posting it !!!

I'm searching for the following items:

The Vyllies - Sacred Games LP 1987

Aimless Device - Hard to be nice 12" 1985

Absolute Body Control - Absolute Body Control Tape 1981
Absolute Body Control - Figures Tape 1983

Various Artists - Plezure Starts Here LP 1984 Plezure PLZL 841

A1. Pure Chance - Please Believe Me
A2. Naked Lunch - Laugh Your Mind Away
A3. Pleasure Unit - I Feel For You
A4. Kitsch - Undercover Lover
A5. Debbie Morelli - In The Game

B1. Naked Lunch - Weekend Behaviour <--
B2. Kitsch - Never Again
B3. Debbie Morelli - Lies Of Love
B4. Pure Chance - Cia (They Found Me Out)
B5. Pleasure Unit - Robot Rock

Can you help me ??

mutantsounds said...

all except the compilation comimg within weekend michael

Anonymous said...

wow, i have no words. Just can say thank you !!!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Stunning album -- many thanks, much appreciated. Been a long time since I was so taken with the music of a group I'd never heard before. Superb blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where did you find this? I taped Sentimentale Jugend off the John Peel show in May 83 and have been looking in vain for this track ever since. In fact when I first got the internet 12 years ago this was one of the first tracks I searched for. "Plastik" was released later that year on 12" in the UK with female vocals and remixes but neither are as good as the original here. Very many thanks for posting this up with the original artwork.

Anonymous said...