Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saqqara Dogs-Thirst,LP,1987,USA

The Saqqara Dogs' effective drug-trance music combines onetime Factrix leader Bond Bergland's Pink Floydish psychedelic guitars with Hearn Gadbois' Middle Eastern and Indian drumming and Sync66's (aka Chris Cunningham, ex-James White and the Blacks) Chapman Stick manipulations (as well as guitar, other bass, cello and organ). I find it happily reminiscent of Manchester ethno-cultists the Suns of Arqa; perhaps the two tribes are distantly related.Thirst contains richly textured alien soundtracks with such pagan titles as "Gregorian Stomp," "Grave of Love" and "Splatter Dance." The record is marred only by a couple of Bergland vocals (typical lyrics: "Bye bye black sheep/Sacrificial lamb steak, terminated/Landscapegoat").[Richard Gehr] for Trouser Press.
Excellent dark experimental post punk with eastern influences,reminds me a mixture of Savage republic with Factrix(of course) and early Black Sun Ensemble .

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Art Nouveau said...

This was such an amazing group, I had the pleasure of seeing them play live a couple of times with their unique photo lightshow. Thanks for posting this and the Bond Bergland. Any chance you might have the first EP by the Dogs: World Crunch?

Anonymous said...


I wish to sincerely thank you for posting this utterly beautiful album. I would also like to thank you for posting all of the other seemingly inexhaustible aural delights, from your cobwebbed cornucopia of recordings. I actually already own a copy of this LP and the ultra scarce official compact disc issued by Pathfinder. However, I was pleased to find this here, as hopefully it will inspire someone to reissue and/or unearth unreleased or live recordings. Please be so kind as to post the "World Crunch" EP, which at least to me sounds more eerie and desperate (especially the dramatic instrumental "Dense from Birth" and the lyrically frightening "Sister"). Please continue to illuminate every lost crack and fissure within this niche of musical culture!!! With Sincerity and Delight,

Rory (

Dave Felton said...

One of my all-time favorite albums. The "World Crunch" EP is equally awesome, so be sure to find it for yourselves. I did not, however, have Bond Bergland's "Unearth," and for this, I thank you!

Anonymous said...