Sunday, May 20, 2007

Roland und die Dada Dogs-st,LP,1981,+Paramashivam Trifft(East meats wets),LP,1982,Germany

These are the two Roland and Die Dadadogs LPs . Roland played with Guru Guru. The band took it's name from a suggestion from Chicago disk jockey Saul Smaisyz. Roland has a large collection of instruments - he's known largely for his sax and guitar work with Guru Guru but he has a passion for collecting instruments and these records capture a playful approach to indian music - from the title joke on the classic "East Meets West" title to the playfulness of Dadadog and Mandarin Banana.
I've had a hard time ever finding any info or references to the two Dadadogs records and as such prize them as some of the rarer krautrock stuff . Kraan's Peter Wolbrandt plays on the other one and Kraan's bassist Hellmut Hattler appears on this one - last I checked this one wasn't even listed at the main Kraan site on the web. Great kraut rock with eastern/jazz even punk influences.Highly recommended!
thanks to melio for these!
get them here and here


Anonymous said...

Yes, Roland and the DADADOGS are really great :-D
Btw: It seems, that the links contain the same LP (Paramashivam...)


basso said...

yap, it's the same. no link for the same titled lp here

Eckhard said...

Thank you for posting the Paramashivam. I have these two on vinyl in deep storage somewhere (I think only 1000 or 2000 of each was ever pressed, right?) I deeply appreciate being able to hear Roland doing the Occupants' "Dadadog"! Any chance you could post the other CD as well? Thanks! Eckhard