Friday, May 25, 2007

Sagrado Coração da Terra-S.T.,LP,1985,Brazil

SAGRADO is one of Brasil's premier prog bands. This symphonic band which possesses an impressive instrumental palette (violon, keyboards, guitar, flute, male & female vocals) uses it to play an hyper refined and fully symphonic music with great attention to melody and arrangement. The music has many feel and mood changes, which add plenty of variety to the sound. The violinist plays a major role in the sound giving the music a very rich quality. It's as good as PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI or QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA but with an added Brazilian flavour.

Their debut album: it is almost perfect, except on a couple of pop songs; but the title track is wonderful, then also "Deus Dancarino", characterized by a stunning solo at the keyboards and violin as well and a sort of pastoral poem too,such as "Gloria Das Manhas", which is well worth checking out!!

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