Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dazzling minimal synth treasure from Don Christiansen and Jody Harris (both ex-Contortions) that comes off like some turbo charged combination of B.E.F., Ike Yard and Jules Baptiste. So damn good, they even manage to make a cover of that old showtune warhorse "On Broadway" seem like a bright idea.

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Anonymous said...

One of the incredibly great classics! "Holland Tunnel Dive" is easily one of the 10 best songs I've ever heard.


Anonymous said...

I agree!
Finally!! Fi-nal-ly able to hear this again!

Thank ever so much!


Anonymous said...

A great record to be sure. Always wondered what the cover art was like as I downloaded this as an MP3.

Anonymous said...

THE song in the eighties in the ZOPO Cafe, Horst NL. And still THE song when we old musicfreaks get together!!!!
Is it a drill, a mixer, a vacuumcleaner????? We never agreed.
Johan NL

Anonymous said...

awesome. thanks!

Mars said...

Another winner.
I'd like to say that you samaritans @ mutantsounds have given me a deeper education in Out sounds, and therefore broadened my own musical palette.

Here's to hoping there's a site like mutantsounds 30 years from now to dig up MY obscure stuff!! ;}

Anonymous said...

golden stuff . we used holland tunnel dive for our songs for crashing your car mix . u can find it here.


Harry, Archie and Gus said...

Wow. Search and click and I have a chance to hear Implog's great 12" once more. Bookmarking this incredible blog right now.

Thank You.