Thursday, May 24, 2007


Led by Chie Mukai's endearingly dreary off key kokyu sawing and droning and offset by current Maher Shalal Hash Baz frontman Tori Kudo's lurching guitar stumble, Che-Shizu's strafed ramshackle avant orientalia was one of the first beacons from planet Weird Japan that I would encounter as a precocious teen. Genuinely singular and unprecedented work, this debut LP of theirs might just be their finest hour.

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Robert said...


Track list

1. I'm Dancing In My Heart
2. 連舞
3. 君が目
4. 火の海
5. 月と明かり窓
6. 約束はできない
7. 黒い瞳の
8. カチューシャ
9. プレパダ
10. 輪舞
11. 三度目は武袋して美しい無関心

Romanized (some readings hard to pin down)
1. I'm dancing in my heart
2. Renmai (Renbu?)
3. Kimi ga me
4. Hi no umi
5. Tsuki to akari mado
6. Yakusoku wa dekinai (I can't promise)
7. Kuroi hitomi no
8. Katyusha
9. Pu-re-ba-ta [Korean]
10. Rinbu
11. Sandome wa bubukuro(?) shite utsukushii mukanshin

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful album. it's a shame that music like ths is so hard to come by. Thanks so much for posting this. I'm a huge fan of your site


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Thank you so much! =)

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Error !? :[

/ metek

Anonymous said...

Chie Mukai was a student of Takehisa Kosugi

The band for this record includes Tori Kudo, Takuya Nishimura, Tsukasa Takahashi.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a re-upload of this?