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There's no need for backstory or explanation about this seminal Krautrock crew in these quarters, I expect. This four disc boot is a variable compendium of the incandescent and the not-ready-for-primetime (but then you'd expect that from rehearsal and soundcheck audio, no?). Anyone who's ever wondered what that post-Damo one-off trial run with Tim Hardin as vocalist sounded like need speculate no further (he appears on the track "Rehearsal"), though the results are as stillborn as you might expect and a low point of the set. 25 minutes of 1968 recordings set the stage here, with "Upduff's Birth" offering a fascinating window into the development of the musical portion of "Mother Upduff". With a group of magi as lofty as Can, even impromptu extemporizations have a real inherent fascination and those into the myth will find much to savor here. Disc two's 70+ minutes of Damo-era jams are a highlight of the set and lovely things to behold; especially the latter, a deadly 36 minute version of a two minute throwaway cut from "Unlimited Edition". Disc three is an equal eye opener: 59 minutes of otherwise unobtainable collaborations with Japanese avant chanteuse Phew; her wild, whacked and often Damo-like exhortations being overdubbed onto pre-existing recordings, if I'm interpreting the scant liner notes correctly. Whatever the case, this is a real gift for those who can't get enough of Phew's amazing collaborations with Can members over the years; the disc capping with an album length slab of desolate abstact weirdity, it's freaked out and frostbitten tone lending it a sound like some lost Vanity Records release from the early 80's. For 1975, it's intensely startling work. The 1975-77 period covered by disc 4 (in some ways, my favorite era, but then I'm the sort of loony that maintains that they peaked with "Out Of Reach", so what the hell do I know?) is unfortunately frequently pretty ropey sound quality wise, though the audio quality improves significantly for the latter half of the disc; the liquidy sizzle that's so much a part of why this era of Can is unimpeachable for moi coming across with ferocious vividness on the tracks, "Spree" and "Chairside Thumper".

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Anonymous said...

I like Out of Reach, too. I pulled out the CD version I have of it and just realized (!) it has pops and appears to be a rip from vinyl. The label is Thunderbolt Records/Magnum Music Group from the UK, no date, but I prob'ly bought it around '90. Am I correct that Can has repudiated this album and does that make mine some kind of pirate CD?

Keep up the good work!

--tom moody

Anonymous said...

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vdoandsound said...


They've repeatedly repudiated this album. There was however (I believe) a legit issue of this on CD before the official repudiation edict/historical re-write through omission came about. I've never understood their disavowal of it or the overall bad rep Out Of Reach has gotten. They've maintained the stance that the "real" Can music is all about things being pared back to the essentials and that they got too good at playing their instruments, to the detriment of Can's music. Buncha absolute nonsense, if you ask me. I love virtually all their stuff, but the way Irmin's technicolor oil slick of effected synths slather all that "wrong overplaying" is an act of unholy brilliance from my vantage point and the best fusion of the world's of acid rock/prog and disco this side of Massiera. "Seven Days Awake" may be one of the most potently psychotropic things I've ever heard. It's been reserved for the peak of many a trip...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for this! But am I the only one getting a CRC error on disc 1 track 4 ("Rehearsal")?

stavros666999 said...

yeah.the first rar has a problem

Anonymous said...

If you're having a problem with the first CAN zip file, try unpacking with winzip or 7zip instead (NOT WINRAR). Works fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Somehow this comment from yesterday got lost (or is still awaiting moderation?)

>>Yes, it struck me when I heard it today (after a long hiatus) how close it is to the Byrne/Eno Bush of Ghosts sound--the heavy funk grooves with ethereal electronics and atmospherics hovering over and around.

They are dopes to repudiate it. In retrospect it was clear that they were paving the ground for the "'80s sound"--whereas the early ones that all the purists love hark back to the '60s and "roots jams."

My personal favorite is Landed, which straddles the earlier and later periods and is unique in some ways. It has excellent lyrics (Half Past One, Red Hot Indians), some of their best musique concrete-y stuff (Unfinished) and I love the heavily filtering on many of the songs. (I also like Karoli's vocals, it's how you know this is a German band and not just more eccentric Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead.)

But the later work needs its cult and I'm happy to join you in singling out Out of Reach as a candidate for major reinterpretation. Irmin, Hildegard, are you listening? (I also like Rosko Gee's singing and think the Pauper's Daughter is a great song.)

--tom moody

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rosko was/is a great singer with a thoroughly sweet voice, great bass tone & player too...but who will speak up for the final eponymous LP inc the classic 'All Gates Open', wonderful blue-skied wide-open West-Coast-of-West-Deutschland optimism?

thanks for the Can goodies. Anyone abkle to point to any classic Rosko dates?

Anonymous said...

after rummaging through the hard drive it seems this collection is also known as "Canobits" and was originally on Dimeadozen a coupla years back, where I got it as a Flac file here is the note from that folder"""
This material recently became available from "wreka" who allowed them to be vined on the Canopener mail list. These are selections of tapes that he obtained years ago from a friend of the band. the comments below (as specified) are from Gunther and Wreka of the Canopener group.

and here is the text file with the info

CD 1 Early Canobits

01 - Upduff's birth (16:40) ("studio '68 instrumental birth of 'mother upduff' ")
02 - Outside My Door (4:43) (with vocals: Malcolm Mooney)
03 - Man Named Joe (3:30) (with vocals: Malcolm Mooney)
04 - Rehearsal (11:27) (with vocals by Tim Hardin; he starts @ 5:29 min)
05 - Morning glory (14:30)
06 - Soundcheck (15:35)

CD 2 : Canobits: Inner Space with Damo (1971 to 1973)

01 - Tagothrowaway (35:34)
02 - Doko E (36:36)
03 - Turtles Have Short Legs (3:36) (a slightly shorter version became b-side to "Spoon").

CD 3 : Canobits studio tracks (with vocal overdubs by Michiko Nakao)

01 - I'm Your Doll (8:53)
02 - Hot Day In Koln (6:01)
03 - Finished? (44:13)

notes: (from wreka)
TRACKS 01 & 02 "1975 studio vocal overdub by Michiko Nakao of 'stone strike' from the edinburgh gig of 28 august 1973"
TRACK 03: "1975 vocal overdub by Michiko Nakao, of a track that later became 'unfinished' "

CD 4 : Canobits Live 1975 to 1977 63'14"

01 - Slipper Baths (23:22)
02 - Stonamman (8:35)
03 - Spree (14:52)
04 - Slipper Baths 2 (8:48)
05 - Chairside Thumper (7:37) (faded out)

track 01: (Gunter) "The first part sounds similar to live versions of Dizzy Dizzy, from the 75 tours. My best guess for the real origin of this show would be somewhere in Germany, ca 1974 or 75, with the 4 core members. Bass is clearly Holger, not Rosko. Some hostile (or drunk ?) members of the crowd yell out after the first part: Buh, Aufhören ! This is German for, Booh, stop it !!!???? It is clearly more then just one person yelling German abuse at the band, making an English venue unlikely ".
TRACK 02 (wreka): "recorded live at sutton coldfield slipper baths [the date i have is 26 august 1976, but this might be wrong] "
TRACK 03: (Gunter): "Beginning sounds like it is maybe the opener of a show, with the band just coming on stage. The feel of the track is a lot more 76 or 77, probably Rosko on bass. Some faint noises, then voices, probably coming from Holger's tapes and short wave receiver are audible from 5'30'' " .
(Wreka): "recorded live at new victoria, london, 21 december 1976"
track 04: "Rhythm at the beginning is clearly of Vitamin C. Michael asks in German whether somebody can get some wine for the band. Maybe again clue for a German venue, Michael would not have had any problems to ask for wine in English".
Track 05: (Gunter): "Clearly CAN with Rosko on bass and Holger operating his tapes - shortwave Receiver".
(Wreka) "recorded live at stoke latines [date unknown] "

hope this is useful info.Stu

Anonymous said...

what i recall about Out Of Reach is that the band's general dislike of the lp was caused by the notion that they (reportedly) did not function as a whole at the time - there were some individually penned songs on the album rather than "pentangular" action. i also like that lp and i agree that the "Can" album is great. anybody likes Rite Time? i love it.
many, many thanks for sharing this collection, i'm beginning downloading it - Darek/Poland

Anonymous said...

i love Rite Time!
and Out Of Reach!

wasn't too keen on Landed...

as for the Canobits [which started off as a personal compilation of my fave trax; and i'd just a PC!] -there has been some update as to the trax and the dates.

great to see it here!

Bilek said...

Thanks for this great compilation, and thanks to Stu for the invaluable info he provided...

Like some of you guys mentioned above, I do like Out of Reach (except for some relatively boring parts) and "Can" albums, actually whatever these guys did back in the '70's (and most of the '80s, as much as I heard, in their solo stuff...) I myself am not very keen on Rite Time, mostly because of its digital and somewhat cheesy sound... Yet, there's almost not one thing I don't like from their '70's albums and bootlegs (thanks for them, too!) These guys really had the magic back then. It's really hard to understand why some Can fans dismiss the aforementioned albums.

moriarty said...

This is a priceless collection... the 35 min version of Doko E is gold.
I am still not quite through disc 3 yet but so far this comp has been a real discovery

Starchild said...

I am looking for rare CAN. Please help me. My email is seppultra@aol.com and youd be suprised how much I need this stuff (maybe you wont) and thats why id need your help. I will consider you a personal saviour if you can share some with me. Please email me asap i am on the hunt and need help getting the can so I can listen. again.

bbta said...

than you so much for can and for mutant sound!!!
Fabio - Italy

Anonymous said...







(didn't find disc four part one)


Anonymous said...

Now I found it:


aslan said...


Anonymous said...

Any idea if the audio of a track (post Damo) called Big Girl from BBC tv's The Old Grey Whistle Test is available anywhere? Or did I imagine it?

Anonymous said...

The track is called "Mighty Girl". It's on the Peel Sessions album.

Bilek said...

To make matters more complicated (and interesting), a reworking of the same track appears on Out of Reach as "November"...

btw, thank you last anonymous for the info, because otherwise I would've worried myself to death about that particular track :) now at least I know I have it!

Anonymous said...

this is so damn cool! i'm gonna gobble it up!! very much thanks!!! the yoshi yum

Anonymous said...

Who likes CAN should be look out for POISON DWARFS "La Ronde" and "...CUT!". The band did some tracks in a good tradition to them.

GRK. said...

Heaps of gratitute to MS for this, & to Anna Nimmoti for the Poison Dwarfs recommendation.

Anonymous said...

And look out for the new POISON DWARFS-CD - coming in spring 2012!!


Anonymous said...

thanks very very much. the links are still giving in december '11.

H said...

The links do not work. I love your blog

Anonymous said...

Wow, just found this blog, with all of the Can goodies but it seems I am a few years too late all of the Rapidshare links are dead :-(

Bilek said...

I still have these files, let me know if you want a reupload (possibly to narod or 4shared... we'll see)

Anonymous said...

yes please re-upload!

Bilek said...

more to come (hopefully)

Bilek said...

... and the rest:

Outtake Edition (Disc 2).rar

Outtake Edition (Disc 3)+covers.rar

Outtake Edition (Disc 4).rar


Oh, the first one in hyperlink format: (I hadn't realized I could do that until I uploaded the last 3 :) )

Outtake Edition (Disc 1).rar

KraSpeK said...

@Bilek: many thanks for the re-up!

starpower said...

Hi Bilek,

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Bilek said...

KraSpek & starpower: you're so welcome (birşey değil :) ) my pleasure to help out. Nice to see that the links are still intact, too.
On a side note: this album appears in lossless format on rutracker. In case anyone is interested and needs help, reach me in private...

Anonymous said...

@Bilek: thx so much for re-uploading!

real awesome blog!

Nargile57 said...

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