Friday, December 14, 2007

Dub Sonic Roots meets Nerve Net Noise-Live at Uplink Factory November 3, 1996,CD,1997,Japan

Nerve Net Noise is the Japanese duo of Tsuyoshi "Tagomago" Nakamura and Hiroshi Kumakiri who specialize in minimalist, glitch and noise music produced with homemade analogue synthesizers. After the collaboration Dub Sonic meets Nerve Net Noise (Zero Gravity, 1997) and This Island Earth (Zero Gravity, 1997), they delivered the provocative 160/240 (Meme, 1998), devoted to minimalist , patiente-testing processes of decomposition. Various Amusements (Hronir, 2001) is a concept album about the lifestyle of teenage girls, that lays down "glitchy" soundscapes and then detonate them with bursts of harsh, violent noise, according to an aesthetics closer to industrial music than to ambient music. Meteor Circuit (Intransitive, 2002) toys with the patterns and sounds that were the staple of old-fashioned electronic music of the 1950s.
Concerning Dub Sonic Roots,it's a large collective,led by Takehito Nakazato, using massive percussive grooves combined with electronic fucking-around and free-jazz sax. Their album 'Live at the Uplink Factory November 3, 1996' (with Nerve Net Noise) [Zero Gravity] also features a jam with noisy electronics group Nerve Net Noise, as well as a track with Nerve Net Noise by themselves. Dub Sonic Roots also sometimes play as Dub Sonic Warriors or Dub Sonic Starship Arkestra [as well as probably other names], depending on the mood.
Outstanding delirious experimental space electronics combined with various percussion sounds and free jazzish sax,giving a spaced out,fucked up psychedelic experimental result.The peak is the 30 minutes long "Roots man as spaceman-Space is the place"(reminds you something?). A space epic!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, this is a great one! Seeing as the Zero Gravity label and its founder, Kazunao Nagata, never published any contact information other than a fax number in Japan which (as far as I could tell) didn't work, this is necessary stuff to make available again.

Some more info on Take/Dub Sonic... he is also the guy behind Take Rodriquez & His Exotic Arketra (!), Hado-Ho, and the Far East Experimental Sounds label. Sadly, he killed himself either just before or just after his wedding night a couple of years ago.

FYI, for anyone who is as big a Nerve Net Noise fan as I am, you may like to know that thier next album will be out on my label, Intransitive, in January '08. I wish more people were turned on to these guys... there's no one else like them!

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